Discussion #1: Ew Romance!

So… many people are fortunate to become happy couples. They like to show their affection towards each other and they’re just all lovey dovey and stuff.

I’m kinda grossed out by this though. It’s like, whaaaaaaaaaaat.

It’s like cooties, sorta. I mean, I can tolerate it but at some points its just gross enough to irk me. I have the same freaking problem with freaking action movies and books, especially if they have a really good plot, only to be ruined by romance.

Innocent fluff I can definitely deal with. I have a pair of characters that I  LOVE using together because I like them like that. They’re adorable and they’re even more adorable together. And I’m not saying that ’cause it can literally be me with my “husband”.

I really don’t like the really gross romance. I hate it especially when they do that with some of my favorite things like superheroes.

You touch my supers with romance drama and I’ll hit someone >>

I like to call this ” forced romance”, because that’s literally it. Forced. Romance.

A perfect example of this is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I loved the movie, it was action packed, filled with a good story and suspense and stuff I guess, but what almost killed it was the forced romance between Cap and Black Widow. That’s just really gross. They’re not compatible with each other!! I don’t know if this happened in the first movie too because I haven’t watched that one yet, but really??

Don’t even get me started with the whole “love-at-first-sight, Romeo-and-Juliet” scenario. I HATE that, because in my honest opinion, I rather have someone become my friend, then best friend, then my S.O. because then they’ll know me and I’ll know them, and we both can have trust in each other. Like an awesome cartoon character had once said, “Love takes work. Love takes time.”

So yeah, this is my somewhat complete thoughts about romance. I might continue this more since I’m just hired but thought I should talk about this. It’s one of my pet peeves, and it happens a lot in my life. Not to say I don’t believe in love, but I just think there should be a limit and be responsible and respectable about something like this. I dunno, I’m not very successful in this field yet ’cause I’m a weenie or something.


Where The Angels Go

Jabril bent down, dipping his hand in the murky puddle. The small teal stones on his wooden rings glanced back at him, occasionally dipping below the water, then peeking back up. A small grin tugged at the corner of his face, forming a lopsided smile. It had been one week since the excursion had begun – which meant that they were in deep territory now. It was about April, so as lakes swelled with rainwater, the threats of leviathan classes were as imminent as ever. But even with the threat of the undead, it was oddly peaceful just being out of the mountain reserve.

“Rael, do you think I’d be able to catch something other than a Leviathan class if I made a fishing pole?” Jabril asked outloud. His eyes were still on the puddle as he swirled the water around, making no move to look up. He was sure his partner had heard him.
Rael watched Jabril play with the water, deep in thought. ‘If we keep going at this rate, we might need to gather some more food and water… Maybe find some sugar for more smoke bombs…’ She sighed and rubbed her eyes, barely able to catch half of what Jabril asked.

“Huh? Oh… Um..” The girl rubbed her eyes once more, trying to stay awake. Tiredly, and somewhat in an annoyed, sarcastic tone, she said, “Sure, why not? Because you can tooootally swim by yourself in case a giant fish or a Leviathan pulled you into the water..” With that, Rael groaned. “Mosquitoes too, that’s gonna be a pain… We don’t even have lavender to keep them away..”

Rael blinked and looked up at the sky. Already exhausted, but she knew they had to keep going and stay awake. At least she had to. She couldn’t tell whether Jabril was having the same problem, but to her, he was always… energetic, in a way. It made her feel a bit more welcomed, but there was no way that she’d admit that. “You can try to if you want, but first you’d have to build your fishing pole… Do you even know how to do that?” She asked, turning to him with a raised eyebrow.
As Rael began to talk, Jabril looked up at her, still wearing his lopsided smile. “Aw, I’m glad you care,” he replied to her remark in a sweet voice. He paused for a moment, blinking. “You would save me, right?” he added. “The Rael I know wouldn’t leave me to become fish food,” he said with a small, indignant huff. Jabril stood up and dried his hand on his pants, then looked to his partner.

“Hah, I wish I knew how to make one. But it can’t be that hard, right? Its just a stick with a string on it,” he joked. “And I dunno, maybe I’ll stick some bread on the end. What do fish eat anyways…” he trailed off, his gaze set on Rael. It was quite obvious that she was worn out – excursions were very taxing. Every moment they were off the reserve meant that they were vulnerable to attacks, at every given moment, from any given direction.

Jabril was well aware of the presence of stressors, how could anyone not notice them? But his philosophy out on the field was to tackle problems as they arose. Ran out of oil? Get some game and drain the fat. Break a shoelace? Find a vine. Preparing ahead, while necessary, wasn’t his forte and somehow it made the mental burden of the outside world a bit easier. Rael had no such luxury.

“Hey, y’know, if you wanna take a break, that’s fine. We’ve been traveling twelve hours a day all week and we still have a week left,” he mentioned. “We probably need to restock a little too, right? Now’s a perfect time,” Jabril nodded, mentally approving his plan.
Rael threw her head back and laughed. “Of course I’d save you, but only because you owe me. Besides, I’d be doing the fish a favor. I don’t think they’d want to eat anything as scruffy and weird looking as you!” She managed to say before a yawn escaped.

“Fish eat worms, smart one.” Rael retorted half-heartedly. “Trust me, I know a thing or two about fishing…” She  stretched, attempting to get herself more alert by moving around more. So far it wasn’t working. And to make it worse, Jabril noticed too, not like she trying to hide it.

Before Rael could flat out disagree with Jabril, she stopped and sighed. She hated it when he was right. But Jabril can be smart too, and Rael really didn’t like the exhaustion situation. She looked at Jabril and ran her hand through her hair, trying to decide. “It’s better if we… Do take a break… Better to be alert, right?” Rael rubbed her eyes again. “Restocking would be great too… And maybe look for some lavender with me, yeah? I hate mosquitoes…”