Rage Quit

Mysteria stormed towards Airyan’s room, pushing through the crowd of reporters and fans that waited for him. She kicked the door open, pulling up her sleeves and closed the door shut behind her.

Airyan was sitting on a chair, his head hung low as he gloomily stared at his phone. The green haired girl stood in between him and the table and crossed her arms. “Airyan Haruko Yoichi, what in the world is wrong with you?!” Mysteria demanded, causing Airyan to flinch slightly at the sound of his full name.

“Nothing” he said in the most quietest, monotone voice.

“Nothing?! First, I find out that your dumb little girlfriend broke up with you, and you cried like a baby for a while. Then, I heard that you cancelled a show, and that you don’t even want to sing karaoke. And now,” The girl began to gesture in large motions to the door, unable to control her anger. “You’re not even doing your job at all?! Ignoring your coworkers, AND your fans?! This is ridiculous!! Airyan, you little shrimp, you better explain to me what is going on with you, or so help me-”

Mysteria stopped suddenly, noticing that his stare never left his phone. She growled and snatched away the phone without a second thought. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!!” She yelled frustratingly. Airyan slowly raised his head and sighed.


Mysteria growled, clenching her fists tightly. “What is WRONG WITH YOU??” She yelled, stomping her feet. “This is not like you!! You’re not even talking to me in full sentences, much less reacting!! Why is this girl so important to you anyways?? You didn’t even broke up with her!!” Fumbling, the girl managed to get into his messages and read the last one out loud. “‘I’m sorry but I want to break up with you. It’s not you, it’s me. Don’t call me anymore, we’re through.’ What the- SHE EVEN USED THE MOST CLICHE LINE!! AND SHE BROKE UP BY TEXT?!” The girl exploded. She took Airyan by his shoulders and shook him hard. He only acted as a ragdoll.

“Airyan, I swear, if you don’t get back to normal, I will smack you so hard that you will turn bald or something!!” The boy looked at her indifferently, foreign to his happy, cheerful nature. Mysteria trembled with rage. She raised a hand up and-


Nothing but a red mark left on his cheek. Mysteria yelled out and shook him again. “You idiot!! All of this for a stupid GIRL!!” The boy continued to stare at her with almost lifeless eyes. “Look, I don’t know why you’re acting so strange. And I don’t care. What I want is for my stupid annoying cousin to go back to his normal self. If that means that you need to take some days off from your performances, FINE. Don’t mope over an idiot who doesn’t know a good guy even if it hit her. She’s not worth your time or energy anyways, and besides, you’re acting like an emotional girl on her freaking period, crying and eating a tub of ice cream. Man up already!”


“‘No’? ‘No’?? So you’re telling me that you’d rather be a freaking crybaby and let your career and life get away from you, all because your first girlfriend broke up with you? Is that it?” She asked harshly, with a hand on her hip as she stomped a foot into the table, facing him and pointing a finger at him.

“Listen to me, you spineless ninny. You may be a famous singer, but you are MY cousin, and that means you have to be as great as me!” Immediately, Mysteria grabbed his shirt. “Because you are my cousin, I will NOT tolerate you being a lazy idiot who is mourning for his ex. You know very well that I was right about her, but even then you can’t even move on in life. There are so much more important things that matter more than this or even you.” Mysteria pushed him back into his chair and growled. “You’ve been a whiny girl for too long now. She broke up with you two weeks ago. If I were you, I would forget about her. But seeing that you won’t even do that, I guess I’ll leave.” With that, the young baseball player turned and left, sliding the phone across the table. She stormed out of the room and through the crowd, before Elijah began to follow.

“Wow, you looked worked up princess! Want me to-”

“Elijah, I swear, if you bother me right now, I WILL pummel you.” She replied in a hard tone. “And DO NOT call me princess.” Mysteria continued to storm out of the building, leaving Airyan to watch her from his window, rubbing his cheek.


Mysteria frustratingly took her bat from the rack, her expression neutral but her eyes were lit with rage. As her teammates watched in confusion, Mysteria swung her bat a few times.

“Jordan, come on.” She ordered, walking through the curious onlookers, who got out of her path’s way.

Jordan let out a sigh and nervously puts on his glove, punching into it with his free one. “Coming!”

Once they finished their stretches and warm-ups, Mysteria swung her bat over both her shoulders, a dead look of anger plastered on. Jordan attempted to give her an encouraging smile, but ended up giving her a small nervous one. He really didn’t want to feel Mysteria’s wrath, but he didn’t really have a choice either, in his own free will and because they were partners.

Jordan pitched the ball at Mysteria and she blurred into a really fast flash, then all of the sudden, Jordan was barely able to catch the ball before it hit him directly to his face. He bit his lip in pain, shaking off his gloved hand.

“Yo, Panda Hero, calm down!” He shouted at her. The green haired girl blinked before realizing what she was doing. She growled, now gripping her bat firmly in one hand.

“Sorry Jordan!” She sighed, watching the bright red head approach her.

“What’s wrong? This isn’t like you.” Jordan asked quietly, but was then surprised by his fellow teammate.

Mysteria yelled. “My freaking cousin, dude! He’s the problem! I don’t know what to do with him! I tried doing everything I can do to help him feel better, but he won’t even hold a f- fracking conversation! What the f- uuuuh freak am I supposed to do?! This is all so weird, but why does this have to happen??” Mysteria began pacing around as she spoke, swinging her bat around dangerously.

Jordan watched but backed up a step before she accidentally hit him with strong force. “Um, which cousin is it? And um… Why are you angry at him again?” Jordan asked meekly.

Mysteria threw her head back and groaned. “Airyan, man, who else! He broke up with his stupid girlfriend and now he’s acting all mopey and depressed, and I HATE it! I literally tried to make him happy, but everything I did, he just doesn’t want to do!!” The girl continued to pace around, swinging her bat around even more.

“I even offered to sing with him!! Can you believe that?! And you know how he responded??”

Jordan got startled by the unexpected question and got nervous. “U-Um… He didn’t-”

“HE. RE-FUSED!!” Mysteria shouted, interrupting him in mid-sentence. “That’s not my cousin, that’s an imposter!! Someone took my cousin and it’s just… UGH!!!”

Jordan slowly approached Mysteria, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry that this is happening to you and that your cousin is acting weird,” He began, not sure if it was the right thing to do. “I think you should distance yourself from him or else you’ll explode. This could be just a phase for all we know.”

Mysteria looked over and sighed. “Yeah… You’re right. There’s no reason for me to be worked up over this.” She replied, slowly letting her bat drop to the ground.

“Y-Yeah! Don’t worry about it,” Jordan nodded, then got quiet again. “… Um, I think you should go home and rest. You must be exhausted from this, and besides, your dad would get worried if you keep this up.”

Reluctantly, Mysteria nodded in agreement. “I’ll have to apologize the team for my mood…” Jordan smiled and gave her shoulder a squeeze before accompanying her to the locker rooms.

Mysteria threw a tennis ball against her bedroom wall, laying upside down on her bed.

“Dinner is almost ready, Misty! Come on down and wash up!” Hibiki called from the kitchen.

Sighing, Mysteria got out of her bed and stretched, taking deep breaths before she heard a familiar voice that made her stop.

“Hello Uncle Hibiki. Is Mysteria home?” The voice said. Mysteria frowned as she slowly made her way down.

“Oh, hello Airyan! She came home early from baseball practice, said something about getting distracted and couldn’t concentrate.” Hibiki explained, setting up the table. “Why don’t you join us for dinner?”

Mysteria got to the foot of the stairs, leaning on the wooden rail. “Yeah, join us.” She said in her British accent, before turning to normal. “What are you doing here, Airpunk?” She asked coldly.

Airyan got startled, quickly spinning around to look at her. He was wearing his usual shirt and pants, with sunglasses resting at the top of his head.

“I’m… I’m here to apologize.” He said hesitantly. Mysteria raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t acting like myself, and you were just trying to help me forget about Angel and-” Mysteria groaned and rolled her eyes, interrupting his ramble.

“Idiot, you really need to stop this melodrama.”

“Wait, wha- OW!” Airyan yelped, rubbing his shoulder where the female had punched him. “Forgive and forget yeah?” She asked, watching him expectantly.

“Y-Yeah, I deserved that, and that slap…” He said sheepishly.

“Misty!! You know it’s rude to hit people!” Hibiki called out from the kitchen, pouting.

“I know, I know!” Mysteria sighed, turning to Airyan again.

“Forgive and forget?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Good, ’cause you owe me now. But we can talk about that later. First we need to eat dinner. I’m dead hungry and it smells like the old man made something like really good.”

Morning Prompt

Prompt: What do you need to have the best start to your day? Eight hours of sleep? Two cups of coffee? Skipping morning altogether? Music? All news radio? What happens when your favorite morning routine goes wrong?

Kimchi needs some good night’s rest, some nice music (the calmer, the better), and some tea with eggs, maybe pancakes depending on his mood. His mornings don’t really turn out to be like that. He doesn’t always get 8 hours of sleep, or we don’t get breakfast sometimes because we’re running late, or we don’t have eggs (or pancake mix) and some times, there’s no music to our mornings. Either way, he appreciates whenever he does have his ideal morning, or even have eggs for breakfast <3

You know that feeling…

You know how there’s those times when someone you know of comes up to you and knew who you were, when all that time you thought they didn’t?

It happens to me all the freaking time.

Like I’d be minding my own business, and (usually) an upperclassman would come up to me and be like “Hey Seihou, what’s up?”

And my reaction is always this:  O///-///O And inside I’m always like “YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHO I AM?? THIS IS FLATTERING”

I don’t know if this is what other people think,but lately I’ve been having that feeling a lot @-@ This is how you can tell I’m not used to the attention from my higher ups.