Unwelcomed Guest

A petite girl sat on the enormous, plush maroon couch, coloring in her giant coloring book about animals and cartoon characters. It was a Saturday morning, and Mysteria was waiting for her dad to finish making breakfast to go to the store. She began to hear the sizzling of eggs and vegetables when there was a knock on the door.


Placing her coloring book to the side, she wiggled out off of the couch. “I got the door, Daddy!” She called out as she made her way to it, opening the door to see a rather tall, slim woman with long, raven black hair. She wore a red, casual dress and she had painted her face with makeup that complimented her facial features and complexion. She looked beautiful, but something about her didn’t seem right to Mysteria.


“Hello.” The woman greeted. Mysteria blinked, noticing that the lady had a basket of baked goods. I bet those aren’t as good as Dad’s. She thought before staring back up at the lady.


“Hi. What are you doing in my house? I don’t know you.” Mysteria replied to her greeting.


The woman gave her a small, tight smile. She examined the little girl before her, seeing that she was wearing a frilly pink dress, with a pink bow in her hair to match her outfit. The only thing out of place were her shoes. Mysteria’s shoes were old, worn out Converse that was an eyesore to the general public, but not to the owner.


“Is there a man named Hibiki here, little girl?” The woman asked, attempting to peek inside. Mysteria tilted her head in confusion.


“You mean my dad? He’s busy right now… Are you his friend, lady?” Mysteria questioned, beginning to get territorial.


The woman raised her eyebrows with the information given to her. “Your… Dad?” She asked through gritted teeth.


Mysteria crossed her arms. “Yeah, he’s my dad, lady. What do you want?!”


The woman dismissed the fact that the man she was interested in had an unexpected daughter, and instead offered the basket to the small girl. “Can you give this to your father, dear? Tell him it’s from his friend, Jane.”


Mysteria struggled a bit to carry the basket, but took it in both hands as she looked up at the lady. “Okay, lady. Can you go now?” She asked, already wanting to get into the safety of her home.


Jane gave Mysteria a cold smile. “The name’s Jane. Oh, and by the way, proper girls don’t wear… those type of shoes.”


Mysteria looked down at her feet to look at her Converse, and began to get angry. “I don’t care what you think, lady. I love my shoes! I’ll wear them because I want to wear them!!” She exclaimed, quickly getting inside and closing the door on the woman before she got a chance to say anything.


Hibiki poked his head out of the kitchen as Mysteria set the basket on the dinning table. “Who was it, Misty?” Hibiki asked, noticing the basket.


The small girl huffed, defiantly taking a bread and took a bite out of it. “A lady.”


Hibiki continued to cook, listening to Mysteria. “A lady? Was it a woman named Jane?”


The seven year old almost choked on the bread, but coughed out a shaky “Yeah”.


“Why didn’t you let her in? She could’ve joined us for breakfast!” He said with a pout.


“She just came to give us the basket. I think she was busy or something.” Mysteria lied, stuffing her face with the rest of the bread that she was eating.


“Misty!! Don’t ruin your appetite!” Hibiki exclaimed worriedly. “Why are you eating the bread so suddenly??”


Mysteria gulped down the food, turning to look at Hibiki with the utmost serious face, crumbs all over her mouth.


“I’m trying to see if they’re poisoned!” She called out truthfully. Hibiki broke out into laughter.


“Jane wouldn’t think of poisoning us! She’s a nice person!”


Mysteria clenched her jaw at the thought of the enemy. Nice? Yeah, right.



Hyper Accident [Sorta WIP]






“Hey Mysteria, do you know what the heck happened to Asher?!” A frantic Airyan asked, video calling with the female athlete. In the background, Asher was obnoxiously and loudly singing a song he just made up, sounding like he’s running around. His figure could be seen occasionally behind Airyan. “I got BEES!! Busy busy BEES! I wanna see a Queen Bee!! Beyonce is a QUEEN! I need a washing MA-CHINE!”


Mysteria ran a hand through her hair. “Earlier he got a cup of coffee and mix it with RedBull.” She explained. “Make sure he doesn’t get hurt, okay?”


“Wait, he did WHAT?!” Airyan began to freak out as Asher ran across behind him again. “Why did he do that?!”


“He needed to stay awake for practice he had earlier for a competition. The poor dummy had no choice apparently.”


Airyan opened his mouth to say something, but the video suddenly blurred. “Hey!!” Asher held the phone dangerously close to his eye, quickly and loudly speaking, “Who are you talking to, Airyan bro??”


It took Asher a second to see that it was his girlfriend, but once he did, he broke out into a giant, goofy grin. Mysteria let out a sigh. “It’s me, you dork.” She responded before flinching as Asher let out a howl.


“Oooooooooooh my GOD!” He exclaimed, trying to fight off Airyan for the phone while he ran. “Babe, I feel so awesome right now! All this energy makes me feel like I can do so many things!! Look, I’m even outrunning Airyan! I- WHOA!”


Asher suddenly tripped and the phone was dropped, leaving Mysteria to stare at the ceiling. A moment later, Airyan looked down at the phone.


“I’ll call you back. Asher is trying to get more coffee.”


Asher was wailing in the background. “Nooooooo, give me!! I’ll dieee without it!!” Airyan shot a concerned look over at Asher’s direction.


“Right. Take care of him for me.” Mysteria said, before Airyan yelled, “Hey, don’t run over there, you’ll break something!!” Then the video call ended shortly after.


Mysteria let out a big sigh, looking at the clock on the wall. Anytime now the effects should be wearing off. Hopefully Airyan can handle Asher.



Mysteria was tying her Converse to get ready to go to an interview , when she heard the vibration coming from her phone. She looked at the screen and saw that it was Airyan.


Opening up the message, she saw the picture sent to her and laughed out loud. Asher was sprawled on the floor of the studio, but someone made him comfortable by covering him up with a jacket and made a makeshift pillow from another jacket that was placed under his head. Next to him was Airyan, crouching but facing the camera with a tight smile, as if saying “I can’t believe you made me deal with him right now”. He was pointing a finger at Asher.


Mysteria texted Airyan, smiling as she did.


Mysteria: Aw, he looks so tired…

Airyan: I hope he’s knocked out. Anymore of his craziness and I would’ve lost it.

Mysteria: But… Why is he on the floor? Can’t you get him on a sofa or something?

Asher: Ugh, fine.


Mysteria took the opportunity to start heading out to the press conference, only getting the chance to cross the street before Airyan texted her back.


Asher: I got him on the sofa. He started to snore. Totally knocked out.

Mysteria: Let him sleep, he definitely needs it.


The girl continued to walk down the sidewalk and entered the downtown area, until she felt her phone vibrate again.


Airyan: Asher is holding onto me…

Airyan: He doesn’t want to let go.

Airyan: Why is this happening to me?!


Mysteria raised an eyebrow before a photo was sent. She opened it and laughed.


Asher was laying on the sofa and Airyan was sitting on the edge of it, giving the camera, an utter look of disgust and annoyance as a joke. Sure enough, Asher’s arms were tightly wrapped around his waist as he continued to sleep.


Mysteria: Don’t wake him up!

Airyan: What?! I have STUFF TO DO!!

Mysteria: Wake him up and I will beat the living crap outta you!

Asher: But Mysteria!

Mysteria: Airyan, you spineless wimp, if I find out you woke him up I swear you will scream yourself hoarse once I get my hands on you

Airyan: Okay, okay, sheesh.=3=

Airyan: Maybe I should get you to be my bodyguard ;D

Mysteria: Oh shut up.

Admirer From Afar

Mysteria led Asher to the stadium seats that were closest to the field. Airyan was already in his seat, with both feet propped up on the seat in front of him. 

As the pair approached, Mysteria sighed loudly. “Would you look at that! The singing dork is here!” She said equally as loud. Airyan turned toaards them before standing up. 

“Back at you, baseball nerd!”

Mysteria rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Anyways, Airyan, meet my friend Asher. Asher… well, you kinda already know this punk.”

Asher chuckled as Airyan huffed, before nodding at Asher. Mysteria smiled and waved at them. “I’m going to practice, you two stay put till I come back!” She called out behind her as she ran to the locker rooms.

“Later Mysteria!” Asher yelled out as he waved back, turning to look at a rather menacing Airyan.

“So, you and Mysteria are-” Asher began with a nervous smile before he stlpped abruptly.

Airyan was beginning to pull up his sleeves, looking like he was ready to kill Asher.

“I heard you tackled my cousin to the ground.” He said simply in a threatening tone. Asher immediately raised his hands up in defense, shakig his head.

“Okay, first off, let me just say your cousin is stubborn as heck! I was trying to help her walk when she was injured and she fell and I tried catching her but she wouldn’t let me, then we both ended up on the floor!” Asher explained quickly, bracing himself for the worst.

Airyan blinked and stopped what he was doing. “Wait, she’s stubborn to you too?!”

Asher opened an eye and looked at Airyan. “‘You too?’ You mean, she’s like that with you?”

Airyan blew a raspberry. “All the time! I can’t believe she actually got stubborn with you!”

Asher took a seat next to Airyan as they continued to talk about the green haired athlete. “One time she threatened to smack me with her bat when I almost spilled chocolate ice cream on her white uniform during a game.” Airyan said, eating a handful of shell-less peanuts. 

Asher took some peanuts from his bag and started to take the shell off. “Wow, remind me not to eat chocolate ice cream near her at a game.”

Airyan nodded, poppig some peanuts into his mouth. “What about you?”

“Hm… There was this one time when Mysteria pulled me out of the train just so we can buy bubblegum. We were both late to our practices, though Mysteria didn’t seem to care.” He recalled, proppin his feet the same way Airyan was doing.

The two guys continued to talk about their unfortunate encounters with Mysteria’s stubbornness, even long after baseball practice was over. They continued to talk about random things, slowly becoming best friends.

“Maybe I can perform to one of your songs, Airyan.” Asher was saying enthusiastically as Mysteria was leading them out oc the stadium, swinging her bat a few times while she listened to the conversation.

“It would be an honor to watch tou perform. Though, can you do that next month? I’m jam-packed in my schedule right now…”

Before Asher got a chance to respond, Mysteria blew a raspberry. “If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you two were dating.” She joked. “Airyan, you’d make such a cute girlfriend!”

“What?! Mysteria, I swear-” Airyan began to chase after Mysteria, who sprinted ahead. Asher sighed and laughed, running after them.

Asher was sitting on Airyan’s living room floor, wearing pajama pants and a white t-shirt, while Airyan was dressed in a similar fashion. It was dark out, and Airyan was getting a midnight snack of popcorn. The living room was a victim of Asher and Airyan’s pillow fight. There was pillows and blankets covering the floor, and the furtniture was slightly unorganized, with cushiond thrown in the empty spaces of the room. 

Rubbing his head, Airyan pouted as he walked back to Asher with a large bowll of popcorn. “Asher, for a fancy footwork man, you sure can smack hard.” He complained. Asher chuckled while Airyan sat down.

“I hope that’s just you trying to make me feel macho.”

Airyan laughed nervously, remembering something that happened a while back. “Did I ever told you about the time Mysteria slapped me for being depressed?” He asked with an embarrassed smile.

Asher was getting some popcorn and was beginning to eat it, before he suddenly began to choke. “What?!”

“Okay, so I was dumped by my girlfriend, andd it was my fiirst breakup and whatever. I was depressed, didn’t want to sing,” Airyan laughed slightly at Asher’s dramatic gasp. “I didn’t want to do anything, basically. Mysteria found out about this and she.. smacked some sense into me.”

“She… what?” Asher asked, confused andd terrified. He grabbed a nearby pillow and hugged it close, now starting to feel the  of staying up late.

“She came up to the music studio, without her baseball cap,” Airyan continued. Asher’s eyes grew wide, knowing very well that Mysteria almost never went anywhere other thann the stadium without her cap, due to the crazy fans. “…  came right up to the room I was in and began to yell at me.” Airyan sighed, takig a moment tto eat some popcorn.

“I barely even reacted to what she was saying. At some point, she had enough of my crap and smacked me.” Airyan finished, eating some more popcorn.

Asher sat there silently, resting his chin on the cool fabric of the pillow, thinking.

“She was crazy mad though. She was yelling at me at the top of her lungs, and she looked like she could’ve cursed like a sailor. She could’ve killed me if I wasn’t related to her! And she called me names, like spineless ninny, a shrimp, a loser, a wimp, I think..” As Airyan listed off the names, he noticed that Asher wasn’t really saying anything and was looking straight ahead. “Asher, you okay bro?”

Asher slowly began to get pale, as if he just realized something. He turned to Airyan before quietly saying, “Dude… I think… I like Mysteria.”

Airyan blinked, not entirely able to understand what Asher just said. “You have… a crush… on my cousin? The baseball prodigy?? My only cousin?! Didn’t you hear a word I said about the story where she smacked me?!”

The figure skater shook his head in frustration. “No, I was listening to the story. I just don’t see it the same way ad you do.” He sighed, hugging the pillow tighter. Airyan watched him attentively, curious about what he had to say.

“Mysteria might be a hot head who could probably kill us if we make her angry enough, is the  best athlete out there, can show that she is more capable than what you might guess… but she’s also the modt caring person I’ve ever met.”

Asher paused to get a good look at Airyan, who was still actively listening. Seeing that, he continued. “She cared enough about your well being to go all the way to you, knowing her busy schedule and the risk of getting noticed by the public. She donates money to the orphanage she used to live in and puts up with your collab photoshoots to help raise money for that orphanage. She cares a lot about her dad, and not to mention, she is clever. And yet, some of these things she doesn’t want to be recognized for.” Asher stopled, thinking over what he just said. 

Airyan began to grin from ear to ear. “So you really do like her?”
“Yeah..I think I’ve had a crush on her for a while, now that I think about it…” Asher shyly admitted.

Airyan patted him on the back, still grinning. 

“Asher, you’re perfect for her.”