Chione’s Turf (202/365)

((Special thanks to the one I call Mother! (Aka Sairoh) She helped me with this story and gave me some consent to use her character! Thanks a bunch!!))

Snow. White stuff that’s made of cold, cold water. And it’s freaking ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY. The neon green haired girl thought with a frown. She shoveled the first part of the driveway in front of her home, where she lived with her adoptive father.

Freaking snow. Why does it have to snow so much?! A bit of snow is fine but freaking 2 feet of the freaking ice?! Mysteria grumbled to herself, scooping up a pile of snow to the yard.

As an hour passed, the sun had raised high enough to melt some of the snow away. Mysteria finished the job of shoveling her driveway a lot quicker than she expected. Looking back at her work, she leaned against her shovel, letting out a deep sigh.

“Well, that’s done…” Mysteria shielded her eyes as she looked at the sky. It looked pretty early, and she had plenty of time to spare. With baseball training postponed till later in the day, Mysteria had no plans whatsoever.

Taking a glance at the next door neighbors’ driveway, it looked like it still needed someone to clear it up, despite it melting at a constant pace. Mysteria huffed her hair out of her face stubbornly.

As much as she hated the amount of snow, seeing an elderly couple try to shovel the driveway on their own was something she would hate even more.

With a shrug, Mysteria walked down the sidewalk a few steps before arriving to the neighbors’ driveway. She checked the sky once again, just to make sure. Not a lot of time had passed. Mysteria took her shovel and got to work, whistling while she did.

After finishing the first row of snow and a break, Mysteria was getting ready to continue on before hearing a soft thud.

She looked up and turned her head towards the direction of the noise. To her left was a tree, a little ways away from her. Mysteria blinked and saw traces of a snowball that got thrown at the tree.

Suddenly, Mysteria saw something while coming towards her in her peripheral vision. With a small gasp, Mysteria quickly dodged out of the way as a snowball flew by and hit the neighbors’ ancient car.

Getting back up, Mysteria held her shovel tightly in her hands until she saw who were the culprits.

There were three of them, two equipped with snowballs. 2 boys and a girl. The girl seemed to be the youngest one. One of the reasons being because she was bundled up in many layers of clothing, and on top of that, donned a bright pink winter coat. Covering the bottom half of her face was a thick, long bright green scarf. She looked like a short, thick marshmallow with arms and feet sticking out.

The boy was about middle school age, possibly 12 or 13. He wore less clothing than the little girl, only a blue hoodie and expensive looking gloves.

The oldest boy seemed to be the same age as Mysteria, 16, maybe even older. He wore similar clothing as the first boy, but he had a red “Den Soul” beanie on, red hoodie and wore red cheap, fingerless gloves.

The trio looked angry. Checking out the one in charge, he seemed like the type to be a bully, who is used to getting his way with the neighborhood kids. They might’ve thought that he would beat them to a pulp, but he would’ve mostly likely just threatened them for show. Mysteria hmphed.

“Hey, back off!” She yelled out.

Fancy gloves grinned, armed with another snowball. “This is our turf, girl. You better leave this driveway or else.” Big Dude retorted, then signaled Fancy Gloves and Pink Marshmallow to get in position. Mysteria growled quietly, getting a harder grip on her shovel, then grinned.

“Ha! Look who’s talking. Aren’t you a little too old to be playing leader of the PowerPuff Girls?” Mysteria joked, watching as the other teen clenched his fists. “Stop trying to get rid of us of our territory,” Big Dude continued, trying to ignore her. “We’re the ones who shovel up the driveways, we’re the ones who collect the cash, so get lost!”

Mysteria laughed. Big Dude got annoyed and signaled Pink Marshmallow and Fancy Gloves to throw the snowballs at her. Mysteria took a second to left up her shovel with a kick and caught all four snowballs.

Mysteria speculated that Big Dude only needed two kids since most were weak and scared. Seriously, these guys need a backbone!

It was rather easy to catch the balls with the shovel. Not only because Mysteria played baseball and had the skill, but the two kids were bad at aiming. Mysteria took the big shovel into both her hands, pointing the metal towards the Big Dude.

“You guys obviously don’t know who I am. I’m not afraid to fight back. I don’t freeze up when it comes to a threat.” Mysteria declared, takin a step forward to the Big Dude. He was trying to hold his own, but it felt like he did not expect Mysteria to fight back.

Mysteria saw that, and smirked.

“My name is Mysteria Yokokawa.” She took another step forward. “I am the greatest baseball player that’s ever lived, but I’m not like you. As a matter of fact, I’m not like any girl from this neighborhood.”

As she continued to edge closer, Big Dude took a step back, his partners in crime distancing themselves a few feet away from them. “I do things out of kindness. And do you wanna know what I do to people like you?” The prodigy asked, leaving the boy speechless with the almost closed space between them.

When she received no answer, she smiled innocently.


Lifting up her shovel with incredible speed, she hurled it to the back side of the other teen, making a loud SMACK. The sound echoed throughtout the empty streets of the seemingly peaceful neighborhood.

Mysteria let out a happy sigh, watching her victim fall over before hearing a somewhat faint voice.

“Mysteria, what was that??” Her adoptive father, Hibiki, called out uncertainly. For a quick second, Mysteria’s eyes grew wide.

“Nothing Old Man! I think you’re imagining things, don’t worry about it!”

After hearing a faint “Alright!”, Mysteria turned back to the two kids remaining. They were watching their leader cringe and yell in pain. He laid on his stomach to avoid any more pain on his back.

Mysteria approached the two kids from behind. “You two! Pink Marshmallow and Fancy Gloves!” Mysteria called out to them as she walked over. The two tensed up, but said nothing as they turned towards her.

“You kids need to do something better than to hang out with a bully like him. If I see you guys trying to make trouble when I’m around, things will be a lot worse. Now, get out of my sight.” She lifted up her shovel to threaten them.

The kids nodded vigorously and began to help the Big Dude get back up on his feet again. Once Mysteria made sure that they left, she continued on with shoveling the neighbors’ driveway.

At this rate, the old man would probably wonder what took me so long… Crap. AND I didn’t even eat. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap….

Half an hour later, Mysteria returned to her home, opening the door with a heavy sigh and an empty, growling stomach. She entered, the door closing behind her and dropped snow on her head. Mysteria huffed and began to take off her boots, setting aside her shovel. Shaking her hair off, familiar footsteps drew near.

“You’re back!” Hibiki greeted.

Straightening up, Mysteria gave him a tired smile. “Hey Old Man… Sorry it took me so long…”

“I was wondering why you were late.” He replied, before handing her a cup of tea.

Mysteria’s eyes widened, only slightly. Without breaking her pace in speaking, she said, “I went to shovel the Watson’s driveway. I finished early with ours.” She answered.

It’s just a white lie. She thought. No harm done…

“And what about that loud noise?”

“I told you, you were imagining it, Old Man.”

“Riiiight. Want some food? I haven’t seen you eat breakfast!”

Mysteria held her torso as her stomach growled rather loudly. “Totally, I’m starving! Thanks Old Man..”