Morning Prompt

Prompt: What do you need to have the best start to your day? Eight hours of sleep? Two cups of coffee? Skipping morning altogether? Music? All news radio? What happens when your favorite morning routine goes wrong?

Kimchi needs some good night’s rest, some nice music (the calmer, the better), and some tea with eggs, maybe pancakes depending on his mood. His mornings don’t really turn out to be like that. He doesn’t always get 8 hours of sleep, or we don’t get breakfast sometimes because we’re running late, or we don’t have eggs (or pancake mix) and some times, there’s no music to our mornings. Either way, he appreciates whenever he does have his ideal morning, or even have eggs for breakfast <3


You know that feeling…

You know how there’s those times when someone you know of comes up to you and knew who you were, when all that time you thought they didn’t?

It happens to me all the freaking time.

Like I’d be minding my own business, and (usually) an upperclassman would come up to me and be like “Hey Seihou, what’s up?”

And my reaction is always this:  O///-///O And inside I’m always like “YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHO I AM?? THIS IS FLATTERING”

I don’t know if this is what other people think,but lately I’ve been having that feeling a lot @-@ This is how you can tell I’m not used to the attention from my higher ups.

Hamlet at a Sleepover? (More Silly Headcanons)

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Ask: Hamlet/Horatio/Ophelia sleepover headcanons?

Takes place in some sort of strange, post-play, everybody-lives-but-Claudius, who-the-hell-is-running-the-country, it’s-Ophelia-she-is-running-it universe:

Hamlet came up with the idea. It was something he had read about growing up, but his family “didn’t have sleepovers” and that time he passed out drunk (after like 2.5 drinks) in Laertes’ room did not count. When he proposed the idea to Horatio, there was a long-suffering sigh involved. “Hamlet, I live with you. Literally every night is a sleepover. And I’m sure Ophelia has better things to do.”

Because Ophelia, unlike Hamlet, actually does have a very busy schedule involving 30 different activities that she can not postpone. No, Hamlet, not even for you. Okay, fine. Just this once, but you’d better have some good food.

So one chilly night (all nights in Denmark are chilly from Horatio’s point of view), they are in Hamlet’s ginormous bedroom roasting marshmallows and…

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So, I actually got a taste of Starbucks iced coffee thingy: “Vanilla” flavored XP I liked it a lot! and It actually did wake me up. I was really getting tired but once I drank some, I was fully awake. I didn’t actually went hyper or anything, but that would’ve been interesting to see. Now I know what to drink to do all nighters! :D Not really, usually I would do those by accident ^^; A lot of stuff has been happening (and the good kind) And I really enjoyed this moment of COFFEE XD Hopefully my friends will understand me whenever I decide to tell them about this.. The REAL reason why I asked my mom to buy me the coffee is because Valentine’s day is coming up, and I really liked the Starbucks bottle and wanted to use it for a Valentine’s Day gift for one of my best friends! So I decided, “why not?” Aaaaaaaaaaand this is what happened o3o
This isn’t the first time I drink Starbucks coffee, it’s actually the first time having my own. The first time I drank was when “Uncle” gave me the rest of his coffee for me to drink in my “send off” meet thing at the mall. It was tasty, and I see why he likes that coffee especially! I want to try Earl Grey tea.. Like Ciel does in Black Butler! :D
Ciel, being fabulous while drinking tea~!
I mean like, LOOK AT HIM! He’s so cool and stuff~! >u< Maybe it's just me fangirling again, but he's super cool. Sebastian is a ninja and I would love to have him and Alfred(Batman) as my servants! (And Watari from Deathnote, though some of my friends do not approve of me watching that anime)
Don't like how Death Note is solely about shinigami. I mean, I like the whole detective procedure and how the deductive skills work and stuff, but shinigami??? WAY TOO MUCH. I like L and Near, Mello, maybe, and some of the side characters too.
WHOA I go from topic to topic, don't I? XD Well, who cares?! It's my blog thingy ma jiggy, so whatevah!

(this song is awesome, just saying o3o)