X: single crochet
Ch1: chain one
St: stitch
/\: decrease
V: increase
F: double crochet
T: half double crochet
Magic Ring: an adjustable ring
x,v : repeat the pattern till the end of that row
(x,v)x2 : repeat the pattern 2 times
Finished Size Approx. 4 inches tall

Rnd1—MR 6x (6)
Rnd2—V (12)
Rnd3—XV (18)
Rnd4—2XV (24)
Rnd5—3XV (30)
Rnd6~9—X (30)
Rnd10—3X/\ (24)
Rnd11—2X/\ (18)
Rnd12—X/\ (12)
Leave a tail to sewYou can add the plastic eyes after the bear head is done. And also sew the nose, facial expression onto it

there are 2 ways of doing the ears, choose the one you like Moca’s ears
Rnd1—MR 6X (6)
Rnd2—V (12)
Rnd3—X (12) Leave a tail to sew
Mocha’s ears
Rnd1—MR 6X (6)
Rnd2— V (12)
Leave a tail to sew(here i only post Mocha’s ears but you can see Moca’s ears in the other pictures)

Rnd1—MR 6X (6)
Rnd2~5—X (6) Leave a tail to sew

Rnd1—MR 6X( 6)
Rnd2—XV (9)
Rnd3~8—X (9) finish, weave in.

Rnd9—merge 2 legs (18)
Rnd10—-V2X (24)
Rnd11—/\2X (18)
Rnd12~13—X (18)
Rnd14—/\X (12)

MR ch2, 3F, 2T, 3X,ch2,3X,2T,3F —
-all in the same magic circle, then pull tight, leave a tail to sew onto the bear


The Swan

My Name Applies

Despite the thunder of hooves and cries of battle, my mind was at peace as I mounted my horse.  Somehow, I had a feeling this was the happy ending of some story.  From here, forever would be bright.  With a smile to my squire, I accepted my sword. “Hang back.” I ordered with no sense of urgency.  I felt entirely serene as I rode my horse into the fray.  My mare, White Lily, seemed to prance as I fell into the familiar motions of battle.  Parry, lunge, evade– it all seemed so easy.  A young man charged at me, and I deflected his blow.

His expression was grim and filled with such hatred.  It frightened me.

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My Superhero Character!

Real Name: Luna Weissman
Superhero Name: Mysteria the Panda Hero (or either Mysteria or Panda Hero for short)
Age: 16
Appearance:[img][/img](this is her “superhero form”)
Bio: Will reveal sooner or later
Personality: Despite her looks (sometimes), She is actually childish and very upbeat. She’s more or less heroic, depending on the situation. Most times, she would try to do the right thing. She would not be afraid to not be merciful when defeating bad guys and would most times focus on the mission. She is always wanting to help people and is friendly. She can get overprotective of her friends and would always get in some temper if you do. Because of her power, she would have a slight, but noticeable, personality change.
Power: Other than good fighting skills, she can also change appearances. She can turn into her different “forms”. From her [img=] “Original form”[/img](meaning what she actually looks like) to her “superhero form” to her “Albino form” (she wears a white summer dress) then finally her “Magical form”(though she doesn’t know about it yet) Sooner or later she will come to find out that she is technically a witch. She is basically a master of disguise, and is also capable of obtaining the unique abilities that accompanies the “forms” but because she is not aware of the magic she possesses, she can’t use them at the moment. Her power is also limited. She can hurt herself if she doesn’t change back to her normal self after a certain amount of time.
Other: She speaks Latin, so not alot of people would understand where she came from. Her preferred weapon is a baseball bat. She loves pandas and bears in general. Her only weakness is the occasional times that she loses her sanity.

Kodama-chan free amigurumi pattern

Gonna make these!! ‘Cause they’re so cute and I want minions!!! :D

amiguruMEI あみぐるメイ

The kodama is a shy forest creature, believed to live in certain trees.

While no one knows what good they bring, those who attempt to cut down a tree housing a kodama will most certainly meet with great misfortune. Thus, such trees are often marked with a shimenawa rope.

The spirits, rooted deeply in Japanese folklore, made an eerie-cute appearance as tiny white rattle-heads  in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

princess mononoke crochet hayao miyazaki animeこんばんは… (Konbanwa)

princess mononoke crochet hayao miyazaki animeわたしはたいくつしています… (Watashi wa taikutsu shiteimasu)

Make your own Kodama-chan!


  • 2.50 mm hook
  • Similar sized yarn (white)
  • Darning needle
  • 1 x 4mm brad (black)
  • 1 x 6mm brad (black)
  • 1 x 8mm brad (black)
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Small pebbles (to weigh Kodama-chan down)


With white yarn:

Round 1: 6 sc in magic circle (6)

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)

Round 3: *2 sc, sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (18)

Round 4: *2sc, sc…

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