Hyper Accident [Sorta WIP]






“Hey Mysteria, do you know what the heck happened to Asher?!” A frantic Airyan asked, video calling with the female athlete. In the background, Asher was obnoxiously and loudly singing a song he just made up, sounding like he’s running around. His figure could be seen occasionally behind Airyan. “I got BEES!! Busy busy BEES! I wanna see a Queen Bee!! Beyonce is a QUEEN! I need a washing MA-CHINE!”


Mysteria ran a hand through her hair. “Earlier he got a cup of coffee and mix it with RedBull.” She explained. “Make sure he doesn’t get hurt, okay?”


“Wait, he did WHAT?!” Airyan began to freak out as Asher ran across behind him again. “Why did he do that?!”


“He needed to stay awake for practice he had earlier for a competition. The poor dummy had no choice apparently.”


Airyan opened his mouth to say something, but the video suddenly blurred. “Hey!!” Asher held the phone dangerously close to his eye, quickly and loudly speaking, “Who are you talking to, Airyan bro??”


It took Asher a second to see that it was his girlfriend, but once he did, he broke out into a giant, goofy grin. Mysteria let out a sigh. “It’s me, you dork.” She responded before flinching as Asher let out a howl.


“Oooooooooooh my GOD!” He exclaimed, trying to fight off Airyan for the phone while he ran. “Babe, I feel so awesome right now! All this energy makes me feel like I can do so many things!! Look, I’m even outrunning Airyan! I- WHOA!”


Asher suddenly tripped and the phone was dropped, leaving Mysteria to stare at the ceiling. A moment later, Airyan looked down at the phone.


“I’ll call you back. Asher is trying to get more coffee.”


Asher was wailing in the background. “Nooooooo, give me!! I’ll dieee without it!!” Airyan shot a concerned look over at Asher’s direction.


“Right. Take care of him for me.” Mysteria said, before Airyan yelled, “Hey, don’t run over there, you’ll break something!!” Then the video call ended shortly after.


Mysteria let out a big sigh, looking at the clock on the wall. Anytime now the effects should be wearing off. Hopefully Airyan can handle Asher.



Mysteria was tying her Converse to get ready to go to an interview , when she heard the vibration coming from her phone. She looked at the screen and saw that it was Airyan.


Opening up the message, she saw the picture sent to her and laughed out loud. Asher was sprawled on the floor of the studio, but someone made him comfortable by covering him up with a jacket and made a makeshift pillow from another jacket that was placed under his head. Next to him was Airyan, crouching but facing the camera with a tight smile, as if saying “I can’t believe you made me deal with him right now”. He was pointing a finger at Asher.


Mysteria texted Airyan, smiling as she did.


Mysteria: Aw, he looks so tired…

Airyan: I hope he’s knocked out. Anymore of his craziness and I would’ve lost it.

Mysteria: But… Why is he on the floor? Can’t you get him on a sofa or something?

Asher: Ugh, fine.


Mysteria took the opportunity to start heading out to the press conference, only getting the chance to cross the street before Airyan texted her back.


Asher: I got him on the sofa. He started to snore. Totally knocked out.

Mysteria: Let him sleep, he definitely needs it.


The girl continued to walk down the sidewalk and entered the downtown area, until she felt her phone vibrate again.


Airyan: Asher is holding onto me…

Airyan: He doesn’t want to let go.

Airyan: Why is this happening to me?!


Mysteria raised an eyebrow before a photo was sent. She opened it and laughed.


Asher was laying on the sofa and Airyan was sitting on the edge of it, giving the camera, an utter look of disgust and annoyance as a joke. Sure enough, Asher’s arms were tightly wrapped around his waist as he continued to sleep.


Mysteria: Don’t wake him up!

Airyan: What?! I have STUFF TO DO!!

Mysteria: Wake him up and I will beat the living crap outta you!

Asher: But Mysteria!

Mysteria: Airyan, you spineless wimp, if I find out you woke him up I swear you will scream yourself hoarse once I get my hands on you

Airyan: Okay, okay, sheesh.=3=

Airyan: Maybe I should get you to be my bodyguard ;D

Mysteria: Oh shut up.


Where The Angels Go

Jabril bent down, dipping his hand in the murky puddle. The small teal stones on his wooden rings glanced back at him, occasionally dipping below the water, then peeking back up. A small grin tugged at the corner of his face, forming a lopsided smile. It had been one week since the excursion had begun – which meant that they were in deep territory now. It was about April, so as lakes swelled with rainwater, the threats of leviathan classes were as imminent as ever. But even with the threat of the undead, it was oddly peaceful just being out of the mountain reserve.

“Rael, do you think I’d be able to catch something other than a Leviathan class if I made a fishing pole?” Jabril asked outloud. His eyes were still on the puddle as he swirled the water around, making no move to look up. He was sure his partner had heard him.
Rael watched Jabril play with the water, deep in thought. ‘If we keep going at this rate, we might need to gather some more food and water… Maybe find some sugar for more smoke bombs…’ She sighed and rubbed her eyes, barely able to catch half of what Jabril asked.

“Huh? Oh… Um..” The girl rubbed her eyes once more, trying to stay awake. Tiredly, and somewhat in an annoyed, sarcastic tone, she said, “Sure, why not? Because you can tooootally swim by yourself in case a giant fish or a Leviathan pulled you into the water..” With that, Rael groaned. “Mosquitoes too, that’s gonna be a pain… We don’t even have lavender to keep them away..”

Rael blinked and looked up at the sky. Already exhausted, but she knew they had to keep going and stay awake. At least she had to. She couldn’t tell whether Jabril was having the same problem, but to her, he was always… energetic, in a way. It made her feel a bit more welcomed, but there was no way that she’d admit that. “You can try to if you want, but first you’d have to build your fishing pole… Do you even know how to do that?” She asked, turning to him with a raised eyebrow.
As Rael began to talk, Jabril looked up at her, still wearing his lopsided smile. “Aw, I’m glad you care,” he replied to her remark in a sweet voice. He paused for a moment, blinking. “You would save me, right?” he added. “The Rael I know wouldn’t leave me to become fish food,” he said with a small, indignant huff. Jabril stood up and dried his hand on his pants, then looked to his partner.

“Hah, I wish I knew how to make one. But it can’t be that hard, right? Its just a stick with a string on it,” he joked. “And I dunno, maybe I’ll stick some bread on the end. What do fish eat anyways…” he trailed off, his gaze set on Rael. It was quite obvious that she was worn out – excursions were very taxing. Every moment they were off the reserve meant that they were vulnerable to attacks, at every given moment, from any given direction.

Jabril was well aware of the presence of stressors, how could anyone not notice them? But his philosophy out on the field was to tackle problems as they arose. Ran out of oil? Get some game and drain the fat. Break a shoelace? Find a vine. Preparing ahead, while necessary, wasn’t his forte and somehow it made the mental burden of the outside world a bit easier. Rael had no such luxury.

“Hey, y’know, if you wanna take a break, that’s fine. We’ve been traveling twelve hours a day all week and we still have a week left,” he mentioned. “We probably need to restock a little too, right? Now’s a perfect time,” Jabril nodded, mentally approving his plan.
Rael threw her head back and laughed. “Of course I’d save you, but only because you owe me. Besides, I’d be doing the fish a favor. I don’t think they’d want to eat anything as scruffy and weird looking as you!” She managed to say before a yawn escaped.

“Fish eat worms, smart one.” Rael retorted half-heartedly. “Trust me, I know a thing or two about fishing…” She  stretched, attempting to get herself more alert by moving around more. So far it wasn’t working. And to make it worse, Jabril noticed too, not like she trying to hide it.

Before Rael could flat out disagree with Jabril, she stopped and sighed. She hated it when he was right. But Jabril can be smart too, and Rael really didn’t like the exhaustion situation. She looked at Jabril and ran her hand through her hair, trying to decide. “It’s better if we… Do take a break… Better to be alert, right?” Rael rubbed her eyes again. “Restocking would be great too… And maybe look for some lavender with me, yeah? I hate mosquitoes…”

228/365: I like this journal (Kimchi’s journal entry)

I got this journal as a gift from my Sis. She asked me to write in this and just… Record what I do most of the time. I like this field notes journal, Sis knows me really well! Water resistant and good for the environment.. Definitely a nice journal.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Aiden Sora Banda… Lee. My friends and family call me Kimchi though. I really love Kimchi, and I’d eat a lot of it when I can, which is how I earned my nickname. I am, at the moment, twelve years old. I have a sister, an adoptive uncle and an adoptive mother.

Since I’m talking about myself here, I want to point something out. I’m albino, so I have white hair. I wasn’t born like that, but… It’s a long story, and I don’t want to talk about that now. One thing’s for sure: I don’t like my now white hair. I’ll never get used to it. With the help of Sis I dye it light blue. At least my eyes aren’t weird… They’re just deep blue.

I don’t know whay else to talk about… Nothing much is happening here. Sis and I have been laying around like potatoes all day… Maybe just Sis now though.

Today I met up with Kimo for lunch at the Sonic near my sister’s school. I forgot the streets.. but yeah, near her school. He wanted to talk to me about some plans for school. We both go to Memoria Academy, a private school for us “special” kids. Basically super smart kids, kids who have to be protected by police forces, or both.

In our school, we (as in Kimo and me) have a plan on how we are going to steal an extra uniform for me. Why? Because… I have an obssession with really nice uniforms. Like, full blown military uniforms that are crip and clean and just.. Gosh. The precision and craftsmanship of uniforms just makes me really… I really appreciate the little details of uniforms, especially if they make you look good.

Memoria Academy is like a military-based school, so they always have really nice uniforms for their students. Kimo and me figure out where they hide the boxed uniforms and we plan out how to get them, while paying back, of course. We didn’t get very far as to planning out how to do that yet, but we got some possibilities on where they could store the uniforms. We marked them down on the school map that we have, and we called it a day. We couldn’t reallu do much until we got in the school on the first day, so at least we did some progress.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal day. I got to eat some tater tots and some other food, then a light blue slushie. I really wished there was a cafĂ© nearby. It would be really cool, but I guess we’d have to wait or something…

Pretty normal day though.

First Day of School

It was okay. I didn’t want to have 2 AP classes, only one, but it’s only the first day. Or so my friends keep telling me. I found out that I’ve been placed in the most advanced choir, which is amazing. My AP English class intimidates me for some reason, but again, it’s only the first day. We already have homework for that class though. It’s not due until next week but gosh. I have Culinary Arts in the afternoon, but that was something I didn’t want either. I wanted to have Culinary Arts in the morning, since it’ll at least give me a chance to walk home. But now I can’t ;-;

I have to ride the bus now. The bus was actually really really crowded. So crowded, they had to call for another bus. Basically, what they do is send the kids who are doing what I call “specific career classes” to a campus that specializes on that. We’re given transportation, but gosh it’s awful. With the schools’ population increase, there’s not a lot of space for all the kids.


Some people were having to squish together to try an fit before they had to split us. It was ridiculous!

I’m exhausted. I felt confident this morning, but as the day went on, I just wanted to go to sleep.

Anyone else had a rough first day?

Chione’s Turf (202/365)

((Special thanks to the one I call Mother! (Aka Sairoh) She helped me with this story and gave me some consent to use her character! Thanks a bunch!!))

Snow. White stuff that’s made of cold, cold water. And it’s freaking ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY. The neon green haired girl thought with a frown. She shoveled the first part of the driveway in front of her home, where she lived with her adoptive father.

Freaking snow. Why does it have to snow so much?! A bit of snow is fine but freaking 2 feet of the freaking ice?! Mysteria grumbled to herself, scooping up a pile of snow to the yard.

As an hour passed, the sun had raised high enough to melt some of the snow away. Mysteria finished the job of shoveling her driveway a lot quicker than she expected. Looking back at her work, she leaned against her shovel, letting out a deep sigh.

“Well, that’s done…” Mysteria shielded her eyes as she looked at the sky. It looked pretty early, and she had plenty of time to spare. With baseball training postponed till later in the day, Mysteria had no plans whatsoever.

Taking a glance at the next door neighbors’ driveway, it looked like it still needed someone to clear it up, despite it melting at a constant pace. Mysteria huffed her hair out of her face stubbornly.

As much as she hated the amount of snow, seeing an elderly couple try to shovel the driveway on their own was something she would hate even more.

With a shrug, Mysteria walked down the sidewalk a few steps before arriving to the neighbors’ driveway. She checked the sky once again, just to make sure. Not a lot of time had passed. Mysteria took her shovel and got to work, whistling while she did.

After finishing the first row of snow and a break, Mysteria was getting ready to continue on before hearing a soft thud.

She looked up and turned her head towards the direction of the noise. To her left was a tree, a little ways away from her. Mysteria blinked and saw traces of a snowball that got thrown at the tree.

Suddenly, Mysteria saw something while coming towards her in her peripheral vision. With a small gasp, Mysteria quickly dodged out of the way as a snowball flew by and hit the neighbors’ ancient car.

Getting back up, Mysteria held her shovel tightly in her hands until she saw who were the culprits.

There were three of them, two equipped with snowballs. 2 boys and a girl. The girl seemed to be the youngest one. One of the reasons being because she was bundled up in many layers of clothing, and on top of that, donned a bright pink winter coat. Covering the bottom half of her face was a thick, long bright green scarf. She looked like a short, thick marshmallow with arms and feet sticking out.

The boy was about middle school age, possibly 12 or 13. He wore less clothing than the little girl, only a blue hoodie and expensive looking gloves.

The oldest boy seemed to be the same age as Mysteria, 16, maybe even older. He wore similar clothing as the first boy, but he had a red “Den Soul” beanie on, red hoodie and wore red cheap, fingerless gloves.

The trio looked angry. Checking out the one in charge, he seemed like the type to be a bully, who is used to getting his way with the neighborhood kids. They might’ve thought that he would beat them to a pulp, but he would’ve mostly likely just threatened them for show. Mysteria hmphed.

“Hey, back off!” She yelled out.

Fancy gloves grinned, armed with another snowball. “This is our turf, girl. You better leave this driveway or else.” Big Dude retorted, then signaled Fancy Gloves and Pink Marshmallow to get in position. Mysteria growled quietly, getting a harder grip on her shovel, then grinned.

“Ha! Look who’s talking. Aren’t you a little too old to be playing leader of the PowerPuff Girls?” Mysteria joked, watching as the other teen clenched his fists. “Stop trying to get rid of us of our territory,” Big Dude continued, trying to ignore her. “We’re the ones who shovel up the driveways, we’re the ones who collect the cash, so get lost!”

Mysteria laughed. Big Dude got annoyed and signaled Pink Marshmallow and Fancy Gloves to throw the snowballs at her. Mysteria took a second to left up her shovel with a kick and caught all four snowballs.

Mysteria speculated that Big Dude only needed two kids since most were weak and scared. Seriously, these guys need a backbone!

It was rather easy to catch the balls with the shovel. Not only because Mysteria played baseball and had the skill, but the two kids were bad at aiming. Mysteria took the big shovel into both her hands, pointing the metal towards the Big Dude.

“You guys obviously don’t know who I am. I’m not afraid to fight back. I don’t freeze up when it comes to a threat.” Mysteria declared, takin a step forward to the Big Dude. He was trying to hold his own, but it felt like he did not expect Mysteria to fight back.

Mysteria saw that, and smirked.

“My name is Mysteria Yokokawa.” She took another step forward. “I am the greatest baseball player that’s ever lived, but I’m not like you. As a matter of fact, I’m not like any girl from this neighborhood.”

As she continued to edge closer, Big Dude took a step back, his partners in crime distancing themselves a few feet away from them. “I do things out of kindness. And do you wanna know what I do to people like you?” The prodigy asked, leaving the boy speechless with the almost closed space between them.

When she received no answer, she smiled innocently.


Lifting up her shovel with incredible speed, she hurled it to the back side of the other teen, making a loud SMACK. The sound echoed throughtout the empty streets of the seemingly peaceful neighborhood.

Mysteria let out a happy sigh, watching her victim fall over before hearing a somewhat faint voice.

“Mysteria, what was that??” Her adoptive father, Hibiki, called out uncertainly. For a quick second, Mysteria’s eyes grew wide.

“Nothing Old Man! I think you’re imagining things, don’t worry about it!”

After hearing a faint “Alright!”, Mysteria turned back to the two kids remaining. They were watching their leader cringe and yell in pain. He laid on his stomach to avoid any more pain on his back.

Mysteria approached the two kids from behind. “You two! Pink Marshmallow and Fancy Gloves!” Mysteria called out to them as she walked over. The two tensed up, but said nothing as they turned towards her.

“You kids need to do something better than to hang out with a bully like him. If I see you guys trying to make trouble when I’m around, things will be a lot worse. Now, get out of my sight.” She lifted up her shovel to threaten them.

The kids nodded vigorously and began to help the Big Dude get back up on his feet again. Once Mysteria made sure that they left, she continued on with shoveling the neighbors’ driveway.

At this rate, the old man would probably wonder what took me so long… Crap. AND I didn’t even eat. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap….

Half an hour later, Mysteria returned to her home, opening the door with a heavy sigh and an empty, growling stomach. She entered, the door closing behind her and dropped snow on her head. Mysteria huffed and began to take off her boots, setting aside her shovel. Shaking her hair off, familiar footsteps drew near.

“You’re back!” Hibiki greeted.

Straightening up, Mysteria gave him a tired smile. “Hey Old Man… Sorry it took me so long…”

“I was wondering why you were late.” He replied, before handing her a cup of tea.

Mysteria’s eyes widened, only slightly. Without breaking her pace in speaking, she said, “I went to shovel the Watson’s driveway. I finished early with ours.” She answered.

It’s just a white lie. She thought. No harm done…

“And what about that loud noise?”

“I told you, you were imagining it, Old Man.”

“Riiiight. Want some food? I haven’t seen you eat breakfast!”

Mysteria held her torso as her stomach growled rather loudly. “Totally, I’m starving! Thanks Old Man..”

Homework Chicken

Prompt Used: I hate to tell you this but…
Song Used: The Opposite Side of The Sea by Oren Lavie

“I hate to tell you this but you’re actually pretty plain.” Artemis said out of nowhere.

She was laying on her bed, upside down as Seita busied himself by mending Artemis’ ripped clothes.

“Hm? What do you mean by plain?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he continued to mend her shirts.

Artemis thought a bit. She originally wanted to see how he reacted to that statement, but now she wants to push his buttons.

She smirked, hiding it behind her clasped hands that were resting on her mouth.

“Well, if you’re not plain, you’d be doing all the stuff I ask you to do.”

“But I do not understand, I do the tasks you ask me to do..!” Seita exclaimed, finally putting the sewing down.

Artemis put on an act, shaking her head as she sighed heavily, and a bit exaggerated.

“When I say all the stuff I ask, I mean everything.


“Yes!” Artemis exclaimed, suddenly grabbung the side frame of her bed, swung her legs up and a second later, she was doing a handstand using the sife frame for support. She kicked her legs carefully down to the floor and stood up gracefully as she pushed herself away from the frame.

“Alright, what task do you want me to do?” Seita asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Hmm… Good question!” The redhead replied as she walked her way to her closet.

Artemis’ room was fairly large, it would pass off as a master bedroom if there wan’t one already, a room even bigger than hers.

The spacious room was painted bright orange, with containers and small boxes of watch parts, random screw and bolts along with gears, placed randomly throughout.

The bed had a smooth metal frame with the mattress being covered with a lime green bed comforter and huge, puffy pillows.

After a minute or so, Artemis came back with her school bag, placing it on her bed.

“I want you to… help me do my homework.” Artemis said, turning to face Seita.

He stood up in response, and put his hands on his hips. “Are you sure you want me to… help..? It looks something more than that.” Seita replied with a slight frown.

Artemis smiled innocently. “What? It’s just a task, and you need to do every single task in order to not be plain.”

Seita gave her a hard stare, glancing at the papers she had in her bag then glanced back at her.

“Artemis, if you think I’m going to do your homework for you just so you can deem me “not plain”, I will NOT do it.” He declared, crossing his arms.

“What?! But whyyyyyyy??” Artemis whined.

Seita rolled his eyes, walking over to her and flicked her forehead.

“Ow! What was that for??” Artemis whined again, rubbing her forehead.

“Stop being lazy and do your own work.” He scolded, getting back to sewing as he sat down.

“Come on Seita! This is Chemistry! I only want you to do it this once! I won’t ask anymore!”

Seita glanced over, shook his head, then went back to sewing.


Seita shook his head again.


Seita threw down his current project and let out a heavy sigh as he stood up.

“Artemis, you need to understand this material. Just because you have me does not mean that you can get out of studying and doing your homework. You can’t take the final for Chemistry if you don’t even know what’s it asking. Besides,” Seita tossed Artemis’ pants at her face, to which she took them off and huffed. “If you’re too lazy to do something as simple as homework, then you’d be a chicken.”

Artemis stood up just as he said that. “Chicken?! Who are you calling a chicken?!?!”

Seita smirked, holding out the paper in front of her face.

“You will be one if you don’t man up and just do your work.”

Artemis growled and snatched her homework away, going over to her desk and began to work on it.

“I’m no chicken… I’m not lazy…” She grumbled under her breath as Seita secretly grinned, continuing to mend her clothes.

False Intention (174/365: Part 1)

Warning: This writing has some pretty depressing stuff (and maybe a trigger? I don’t know if this would be considered something to be of warning, but just in case O-o)

Song used to write this: nc17-Yoko Kanno (Zankyou No Terror OST)

“S-Seita! Wait up!!” Artemis exclaimed as she pushed herself on her skateboard, trying to chase after Seita, who was running incredibly fast.

Seita had suddenly ran out of the flat, and Artemis was forced to grab her skateboard and catch up to him. She had noticed that Seita had been acting a bit odd lately.

Whenever Artemis would try to give him his peach water, instead of gulping it down like he usually does,he only stared at it. Only when she ruffled his hair would Seita remember what he was doing. Even simply checking over Artemis’ work was hand for him. Artemis had asked him at some point if he was alright. But Seita would only look up at her, blink, then say softly, “I suppose I should be.”

That only made the red haired girl more concerned.

As far as Artemis knew, he didn’t have any viruses or bugs. He was perfectly fine.

At least, well enough to be running so fast.

Seita was heading towards the Inner city, where all the small businesses were. It wasn’t quite Downtown, but it was in the edge of it.

Seita was beginning to slow down once he got to the front of the cathedral. Artemis let out a small sigh of relief, but was then interrupted by a flock of pigeons flying upwards diagonally, blocking her view.

As Artemis kicked her skateboard up towards her awaiting hand, the birds cleared up but Seita disappeared.

“Crap!! Where’d he go?!”

Quickly scanning the area, she saw a flash of dark, messy hair and pale skin, heading towards the left side of the cathedral before disappearing. Artemis sighed, throwing down her skateboard before riding it once more. She wove her way around the crowd, keeping her eye out for her friend.

She got to the side of the cathedral, then looked to her left and right. No sign of the teenage android. She rode her skateboard towards the other side of the cathedral, neear the water.

The rain from the night before had left large puddles in some places, and footprints were leading off everywhere. Artemis knew that Seita had ran off to the cemetary.

The cemetary was protected from the weather by a large, plastic roof that almost looked like a dome. Knowing Seita, he would’ve ran to the driest place he could find.
Once entering the large open space that was used to keep many boxes of ashes in compartments, Artemis got her skateboard and bowed out of respect.

“Sumimasen…” She said softly, before going back to her search.

The space was lined with flat, green fields dotted with colorful flowers that were well taken care for. A few small family shrines could be seen every once in a while, along with several candles.

Artemis continued to walk, until she saw a giant willow tree. She walked towards it, unable to resist.

Walking up the hill, she heard a small sound. Rustling of leaves, and someone shuffling their feet.

Artemis walked around the tree cautiously, slowly.

Another step forward, and Artemis stopped and gasped.

Seita had managed to get a rope on one of the lower branches of the willow tree, tied it like a noose (? Gotta find out what that was again just to make sure). He was standing on a large rock, putting his head through the large, thick loop.

Slowly, he turned to look at Artemis with sad, tired eyes. With a bit of a struggle, he began to kick the rock aside…

“SEITA, NO!!!” Artemis screamed, sitting up and breathed heavily. She was in her room, in her house. Safe, but Seita…

“SEITA, WHERE ARE YOU?!” She screamed again, sobbing.

Seita ran into the room, almost tripping over himself and got to the bed, next to the other teen.

“I’m here! What is-?”

“Seita, oh my god…” Artemis sobbed, pulling him closer and hugged him tightly.

Seita stood there, surprised and frozen, while Artemis hugged him. He didn’t know how to react, this type of behavior he had never encountered before, especially since this was Artemis. She never got sad, and even if she did, it was only for a short while.

Nothing he had experienced was the same as this.

After a few moments, he slowly hugged her back, petting her head a bit.

“It’s okay, everything is alright. Calm down…” Seita said softly.

Artemis continued to cry, still clinging to him.

Seita wiggled and made her loosen her grip a bit. He sat on the bed, crissed-crossed, holding her close.

“It’s okay, everything is fine.” He told her once more.

“S-Seita, promise me… You’ll never leave me..” Artemis cried softly, finally letting go of him.

Seita frowned. He knew what she was asking him. He wasn’t sure if he can keep that promise. Instead, he kept hugging her, gently, and didn’t say a word.

Luna and Kimchi finding out…

The Deaths Of The Gang of Kids (Their Family).

Write about the day Kimchi and Luna find out that the gang that they had at the factory were used as kid soldiers and were killed (in battle?)

Kimchi would be angry at himself, cursing and blaming himself for not saving them sooner. Luna would keep her composure, but later on she would be seen crying her eyes out.

Luna and Kimchi would be called by Esmay and Erich, and they would tell them about every single kid. (There is 12 kids in total)

What if that’s how Luna became to be accepting towards death?
And Kimchi emotionally strong..?

Dream Idea: ?

I had this super weird dream yesterday and its like Whoooooa O3O
It took place in this Bed and Breakfast type of place, sorta
In this, like… Really large Mexican style mansion
The places where you eat takes up the whole first floor, and the bedrooms are on the second floor
I was there with this group of people that would resemble my family, and we were walking around the first floor. We entered a part where it was a storage room
And it was filled with random clothes and such. I actually found some red rain boots and was about to take them with me, when for some reason, I just had the immediate urge to run
Like, I felt someone was gonna chase after me, so I ran out of the storage room, and got to the kitchen where the workers were making food.
I ran some more, ended up in this really fancy looking dinning room, kinda for a ball sorta. A few white people were coming in, but then I was like “NOPE” and ran to the main hall
Once I got there, I hid for a while, and waited until it was night time
When it got night time, I found myself in the middle of this religious group/cult thing
And to blend in, I stole a white full length hood and cape thing, kinda like the Organization 13 robes, except white
Also for some reason I was wearing a dress. I don’t know why
Anyways, I walked around, more calmly than before because I guess the cult was respected and stuff, and since I was “part of them” they didn’t pay attention to me
After a while, I found myself outside
I clearly remember as I was walking around the building looking into it (some of the big rooms had glass window-walls). A lot of the people looked like they were doing religious stuff
It kinda reminded me of the opening scene for Bioshock Infinite
So anyways, the preacher guy looked exactly from Bioshock XD and he saw me staring, so I immediately pulled up my hood and started walking to another building next to it
Also, this whole place was on grassy plains
It was very pretty
Anyways, some people got out to where I was and they were shouting at me to go to the sermon or whatever
And I just kept walking away, pretending to not listen. So then after a while, they left me alone. When I got the building next door, it was much older than the first one
In the building, I heard little kids whispering and stuff. The building was made out of wood, and kinda looked like a barn sorta.
I went to an alley of grass and sat down, ’cause you know, I was tired from running non-stop XD after a while, I found this boy who was kinda my age, but had the mentality of a small child
So just for the heck of it, I led him to a clearing and was going to show him the sunset
Key word WAS
but then I was like… this gigantic solar eclipse
Like, it was scary looking, because it was HUGE
It was like, the moon is in front of the sun right? Sunce its really huge, you can literally see the fire and solar flares from the sun behind the moon
So I was like “UUUUH NEVER MIND” and covered up his eyes and led him back
When I went back, there was a group of little kids waiting for us, all wearing white robes
The boy I was with led me away while the group stayed there, kinda looking like they were going to wait for us
So I followed the boy to another clearing and pointed up to the sky. I looked up, and there was a meteor shower
It was sooooo cool O3O anyways, he sat down with me to watch the meteor shower, and after a while it was pretty peaceful.
But then the group of kids ran to us, kinda frantic and stuff. Then this dude that’s like maybe at least 18 came angrily up to me and asked what the heck I was doing there
He looked pretty angry and violent, ’cause he grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me away, but then the little boy I was with was trying to pull me back
But then I pulled myself away and tried to go with the little boy and the other little kids, and that’s when my dream ended ;3;

Mother: :o
Me: Cliffhangers in dreams are the WORST T-T
Mother: Yupp
Me: Its pretty cool though. But the zoomed-in solar eclipse was SCARY. It looked like a giant black sun with solar flares D: Oh, also I remembered a small detail.
Mother: ?
Me: When I was running around, trying to “escape”, I keep hearing someone shouting “Find the girl with the baseball!”. I actually did had a baseball in the pocket of my dress =u=
Mother: o:
Me: It was weeeeeird, but I can also use that as an idea for a story =u= Oh, also, the dress I was wearing was like a medieval peasant dress. Kinda like that. I have no idea why.