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Magical Boy RP

Airyan took his suitcase to his side, entering the airplane that will fly him to his destination. After an hour, the plane went into the air, and for the most part the flight was normal and peaceful. Then suddenly, a turbulence had disrupted that flight. Chaos had spread throughout the airplane, and a piercing, high pitched noise rang in Airyan’s ear. Soon, the 17-year-old boy felt a pain, his vision blurred and quickly turned black.

(This is gladdy’s post)

He brushed his long bangs away from his eyes, sliding onto the desk. “The weather has been nice lately,” the teen nodded in approval of nature, his bangs falling back into his eyes. “Anyone want to cut class and go for a walk in the park? Literature has been kinda boring me lately.” Julian swung his head back, unable to sit still. As usual, he was full of subdued energy. Oxymoronic lethargy, leading him to be pulsing with adrenaline, releasing it through fidgeting and nervous glancing, yet his tone still remained tired and his eyelids were still half-down.

“You’re going to end up sitting on the side of the road rather than dancing up the streets if you keep on skipping class, twinkle toes,” Iseul said idly as he took another spoonful from his rice pudding. The dark haired teen was slouched over, forearms resting on his desk as he cradled his pudding cup almost protectively. Faint lines of fatigue were etched into his forehead, likely indicating to the permeating lack of sleep that seemed to conquer most high schoolers. Humming softly in appreciation of the taste, Iseul cocked his head over at Airyan. He slid the spoon out of his mouth, teeth gently scraping against the metal. “You okay?” he asked softly. The Korean had notes that the other teen was rather… Subdued as of late, and it was out of question to say that he was just worried.

Airyan had been nervously tapping his pen softly against his arm for the past five minutes or so, having a poker face and not paying attention to anything that’s being said. He couldn’t believe it, he still can’t believe it. He’s alive, and now with something that he has to hide from his friends. Airyan let out a nervous sigh, before getting the feeling that someone had talked to him. Looking over at Iseul, he blinked, and snapped himself back to reality as he figured out he was talking to him. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” He asked somewhat sheepishly, giving him a small fake smile.

“It’s your fault, bowlcut. You scared the poor guy so much that he just checked out,” he humorlessly scoffed, tilting his head. “Why don’t you go apologize?”
Julian, however, knew well enough as to why Airyan was spacing out. During his own most recent duty, he has found out that a new person has been added to his and Oliver’s team. A rookie, apparently. Fresh from the bakery, still crispy with shock. And it would all have been fine has that person not been Airyan.
But he can’t say that. He can’t say anything. Such is the nature of their vow.

Iseul sighed, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. “I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take eight years for him to get scared of me,” he muttered. The teen idly pushed around his pudding before spooning more into his mouth. “Besides, if anything I think Airyan’s probably more scared of you and your unruly hair,” he retorted. On a normal day, Iseul probably would have put a little more sting to his words, a little more weight than his simple tease. But this, of course, was out of courtesy to Airyan, whose hazy expression left made him leave out some of the more suitable words in his head. The other teen didn’t quite look like he was in the right state to quell his and Julian’s usual banter, which concerned him more than picking a bone.

Airyan watched as the two conversed of the reason why he was acting strange. He shook his head at both of them, then thought up of a little lie to tell them. “I think I just have a headache… I had to stay up for a while last night and study for things… Just so we’re clear, your appearances did not scare me.” He explain as he stretched and faked a yawn. Airyan didn’t want them to worry too much, but the situation was not working in his favor. He looked at the two and gave them a genuine smile. “I’ll be myself in no time. Maybe I just need some food to wake me up more. Iseul, do you mind sharing some of your delicious food?” He asked, looking over at him.

Julian flipped his bangs with a sharp turn of the head. “Ha! The ladies find my unruly hair rather appealing, as opposed to your blunt cut mess,” then, clearing his throat, he turned to Airyan, “By the way, after class, we have to talk. Could you meet me on the roof after school ends?”

Promptly choosing to ignore Julian’s hair comment, Iseul dug into his backpack and pulled out a Tupperware container of his puffed pancake rolls – evenly doused in a fine layer of maple and powdered sugar. After returning to his backpack, he fished out a fork and a bottle of milk. “You should watch your health,” he said, genuinely worried.
The other teen then repressed the urge to blurt out “what for?”. While he understood that Airyan was indeed his own being, Iseul couldn’t help but cling to his childhood friend – especially when a certain head of curly hair was in the equation. However, he kept his mouth shut, turning around to zip up his backpack before returning to his pudding cup.

Airyan smiled, taking the food gratefully. “I know, I need to be careful. Thank you Iseul. You’re a hunger-saver.” He joked tiredly, before turning to Julian and tilted his head. “The roof? Well, alright then, I’ll meet you there.” He replied. Airyan then looked at the bottle of milk and laughed. “I can never understand how you can have milk in your backpack. Even when I’ve known you for a long time, I still don’t get it.” He laughed again, opening the bottle and began to eat the puffed pancake rolls. “I’m sorry for worrying you guys. Though now it makes me wonder if you guys are trying to replace my parents by worrying so much.” He said with a light-hearted smile. “We should do something after class.. What do you say, worry warts?”

“We’ll see,” Julian noted, sliding off of the desk as the bell rang. “Well, I’m out of here boys. Bring me the homework.” He tactfully snuck out of the classroom, making sure to not cross the teacher’s path, making his way to the dance hall. It wasn’t good for him to skip class like that but he was good at Literature, he also hated the teacher and didn’t care about his education enough to stay in class for a full day. The dance gym was where he felt most comfortable, it pulled on him like gravity. It was even hard to let go as he made his way to the roof after classes ended.

All throughout class Iseul tactfully delivered pieces of his baked goodies to his mouth without the notice of his teacher. It was a normal pattern for him and after having done so for so many years, it was pretty much impossible for him to get caught. Once the bell rang, he packed up his books, trading them out for a bag of mini biscuits he had made the previous night. He slowly turned around to face Airyan. “So are you going to meet Julian now?” he asked, dark eyes soft. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Julian, per se. Rather, the two just naturally didn’t get along with one another. It was as if no matter what, their footstep would always be irrevocably entwined in a clumsy, stumbling dance of spite.

Airyan had kept spacing out for a while, even with his stomach not hungry anymore thanks to Iseul’s food. By the end of class he turned to Iseul and nodded at his question. “He asked me to, so I’ll go. He judging by how he asked, it must be important. Don’t turn into a bigger worry wart than you already are, okay?” He ruffled Iseul’s hair, smiling a bit. “If I need help, I know who to call.” Airyan stood up from his seat, and slung his backpack over his shoulder. “I’ll meet you outside. Don’t go anywhere till I come back.” He requested before heading to the roof, glancing over at Iseul and waved as he left. Airyan didn’t know what Julian could possibly want, but he really did think that it was something important. He sighed, running his hand though his hair.

He paced from corner to corner, his dancing shoes in his hand. Impatiently, he began fidgeting, glancing around the space.
Ah, finally. There he was.
Julian saw a familiar figure emerge, to which he responded with approaching the figure tentatively.
“So, Airyan, tell me,” he began nonchalantly, his tone still buoyant and light, before it froze and hardened like cement, “How’d you die?”
As if timed, a gust of cold wind suddenly passed through, sweeping Julian’s hair off his forehead.

Iseul was not, even in the slightest, satisfied with Airyan’s answer. But he didn’t voice this, instead he nodded reluctantly. A deep pitted unease seemed to boil in his stomach as he watched Airyan’s head of dark hair disappear through the door frame. “Dammit…” He muttered under his breath. The Korean stood up, pushing in his chair and throwing out an empty wrapper into the trash. After storming away to the school’s front entrance, Iseul sat down on a bench, snacking away at his mini biscuits. His dark gaze looked upwards, almost expecting to see Airyan on the roof. This was impossible, however, considering the vantage point that he had on the ground. But it didn’t stop him from trying.

Meeting Julian at the roof, Airyan froze, his face becoming pale as he was asked a very sensitive question. “I-I have no idea what you’re…” Airyan trailed off, knowing that lying wouldn’t help. He shivered as the breeze came in, suddenly feeling cold. “An airplane crash…” He replied after a moment of silence. He purposely avoided Julian’s eyes, trying not to freak out. “H-How did you know I died..? D-did… someone told you?” Airyan asked nervously, looking into his eyes. “I trust that you wouldn’t tell anyone but..” Airyan glanced around his surroundings, making sure no one was listening. “I still can’t believe it… I mean I’m happy to be alive and here but.. the vow.. its life changing..” He sighed.

Julian almost smirked, yet he remained calm, almost unshaken. “So which faction do you belong to? Light?” Without waiting for a response, the teen continued, “You’re going to be on my team from now on, with another guy named Oliver. He goes to the Curie Science Conservatory, I’m sure you two will get along.”
He resumed his pacing as he shoved the shoes back into his bag. “So, what’s your weapon? Do you know how to use it? Are you proficient with it?”

Iseul made it through his biscuits much faster than he would have prefered. He checked the time. It didn’t make him feel any less antsy. His part time job started in an hour and in his perfect little universe he’d go off with Airyan (and maybe the dancer with an attitude) to do something fun before going to work with the approval of his parents. Then he would go home, make quick work with his homework, and complete his evening schedule with the inclusion of two parents before going to sleep at a godly hour.
Unfortunately, his life was never quite comparable to his imagination. He sighed, nulling the gnawing feelings from his insides with another package of biscuits.

Airyan was taken a back. There’s factions?! “U-Um.. Yeah, light..” He stuttered. He just knew that he was from the light faction, though he can’t explain it. As Julian continued on, he began to frown. “Wait, teams?? Weapons?? Whoa, whoa, whoa, I seriously didn’t know we had a weapon! I can barely comprehend this whole situation and you’re now telling me there’s more to it?!” He exclaimed, holding his head. “Gosh.. Give me some time to process this, please!” Airyan pleaded as he sat on a metal air conditioning compartment. He sighed and looked up at Julian. “H-How did you get to know about this..? Did the same thing happen to you? Is it even safe to talk about this here?? This is all so confusing!!” Airyan shouted as he threw his head back and groaned, covering his eyes with the palms of his hands.

“Well, um,” Julian looked around, “If you’d rather take this some place else-”
He shrugged, sitting down on the ground in front of his confused peer. “I’ll give you some time. But your first duty is tomorrow so I need you to have it together by then.” The boy leaned his head back, his curls following the tilt. “I also died, y’know. When I was 14. It was somewhat gruesome. I took the vow and now I’m here.”

Iseul had had enough. With the hour between school and work dwindling, as well as the factor of commuting time, it was likely that he’d only be around for a good thirty minutes before he was off. Sighing, he contemplated his options. He could simply go straight to work – while Airyan would likely be disappointed, the other teen wasn’t unaware of his part time job. Yet, the simple request that he had made to stay put seemed to root Iseul until he saw him again. He pouted a little, quickly disregarding the first option. There was a second choice – go to the roof and intrude. The risks? A pissed Julian. An Airyan hopefully ready to go. After weighing the two in his head, the teen stood up, brushed himself off, and began walking back to the school. Whatever going on between the two on the roof couldn’t be too private, now could it?

Airyan sighed, rubbing his temples. “Alright, got it. You want me to get it together by tomorrow… And, I don’t really have a choice, do I?” Airyan sighed once more before slowly standing up. He looked at the curly-haired guy as he told him a little about how he knows about this. “Well then.. I’m really glad you’re helping me with this. If I had to do this alone, I’d probably go insane with just what I know. So… thanks.” He said with a small smile, before looking around. “If my first duty is tomorrow, then should I meet you back here after class, or somewhere else..?” Airyan did feel very safe by just meeting again on the roof, oddly enough. Since this was a very huge secret that no one but them could know, he began to get more paranoid by the minute. He wasn’t sure why, seeing how Julian was reacting to this it had looked like it didn’t really matter much. Maybe he was just overreacting.

“Just meet me here,” Julian nodded, straightening his back as he sat up, “I’m going to have you meet Oliver then.”
The teen smiled, fixing his curly hair, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Just relax and focus, and it should come to you.” Julian smiled, nodding, “my sword’s name is Caesar. I’m of Anima faction, so I get to do all sorts of cool stuff. I’m mostly backline, though.”

Iseul made it up the stairs without too much trouble, keeping the excuse of forgetting his pencil case behind his tongue in case someone asked. Thankfully, no one did. As he stood in the small alcove leading to the heavy roof access door, he paused. If they were talking for this long, it had to be important, right? The Korean thought, his forehead softly crinkling as he pondered about whether or not he should open the door. He was best friends with Airyan and at the very least acquainted with Julian, so it wasn’t like he was dropping in on strangers… And Airyan knew that he had been waiting…
Slowly chewing through his excused, Iseul sighed and grasped the heavy door handle, giving it a firm turn and pushing it open. A small buffet of air sent his bangs in turmoil, but he filed that thought to the back of his head. His eyes slowly registered Airyan and Julian.
“Are you guys dome?” He asked.

Airyan nodded in understanding. “Meet here.. got it.” He sighed. He huffed his hair away from his face. “How can you be sure that I’ll do fine? This is a big responsibility… I know I chose to do this but… it still feels like its a dream.” Airyan tried to explain, before running a hand through his hair. “I’ll trust your word though.” As he listened to what else Julian had to say, he slumped, pouting. “Later on you’re gonna have to explain to me all of that..” He huffed, before jumping as he heard someone open the door to the roof. As Airyan let out a sigh of relief, he then quickly began to look apologetic. “I’m so sorry, Iseul. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting for so long. Looks like I was right, you became a bigger worry wart.” He joked, before looking over at Julian. “We… are done, right? Just gotta wait till tomorrow?”

“Nobody invited you, foodie,” Julian barked, half-turning, “me and Airyan were having a serious talk and I’d appreciate if you respected his privacy and didn’t interrupt like that. A friend would understand,” he stopped himself midway, standing up and stretching briefly, until he heard some places pop. “That’s it though, I’ll explain the rest tomorrow when you meet Oliver and some other people. We’ll show you the ropes and stuff. Just don’t forget to show up tomorrow, m’kay?”
He turned, falsely smiling at the short Korean “Good day, bowlcut,” he chided as he made his way past the dark haired teen, onto the stairs, “I’ll see the two of you tomorrow.”

Iseul glared after the disappearing shape of Julian walking down the stairs. His comments didn’t particularly sting, but even so, it put the Korean’s hairs on end. He slowly turned back to Airyan. “So what was that about?” he asked, his gaze softening. Even though Julian was always quick to bring Iseul to anger, it wasn’t hard for him to go back under if he was around Airyan.

Sighing and faintly giving Julian a tired smile, Airyan softly replied, “Yes, of course. Take care Julian, make sure to not push yourself..” He waved goodbye, before turning to Iseul. “Nothing really. Julian was just explaining me something and wanted to help me understand things. We’re gonna meet up tomorrow so he can finish explaining.” He lied, ruffling Iseul’s hair. “Don’t worry about, squirt. Its nothing to stress over. Sorry I made you wait though. Time flew for me, I didn’t know we’ve been up here for so long…” Airyan looked up at the sky, then smiled and turned back to Iseul. “So, Iseul, I believe it’s your turn to decide what we are gonna do. Or do you want me to tell you what to do? Whatever you decide is fine with me..” He yawned, stretching. Airyan felt bad lying to his best friend, but he knew that, if given the chance to explain himself, Iseul would understand his reasons for doing so.

Another day came and went. Julian spent most of his passing time practicing, like most days. And like most days, the second thing he did to pass time was neglect his academic responsibilities. Yet finally, the bell dismissing the last class rung, and the teen darted from his usual dwelling (the dance gym) to the roof. He hurriedly took off his shoes, deciding to run barefoot all the way up, with his ballet slippers in hand. The cold wind wasn’t particularly inviting, yet he still stood on the roof, wearing nothing but a large sweatshirt and loose sweatpants that clung to his leg right below his knee. He quickly regretted the decision of not dressing himself better as the wind began to claw on him.
The brunette shivered in silence on top of the roof, biting the wind and awaiting his classmate that was scheduled to show up in the same area soon.

Iseul passed his time idly, continuing his daily school routine without much change. He woke up at a less than pleasant hour, went to school, turned in homework that had been done the night prior, and passed time in class eating away. When the school day came to meet ends with the shrill ring of the school bell, the teen packed up his stuff and turned to Airyan.
Today his food of focus was fruit snacks that he had congealed himself.
“So,” he began, popping another snack into his mouth, “I’m assuming that you’re going to be busy today?” With Julian? He added in his head. Iseul used to being excluded, it was what seemed like a natural occurrence with how he was naturally. So being excluded from group activities in class or dinner at home wasn’t uncommon. But being excluded from Airyan was a different matter for him. Rather, Airyan was usually the one who tried to include him – whether it be in or out of school, the two childhood friends made it a point to be glued at the hip. Now it seemed like a different kind of game with what secrecy Airyan and Julian apparently harbored above him. It left a bitter taste in the his mouth.

Airyan spent his day wondering what Julian was going to show him after school, other than having him meet other people like him. He was staring into space every once in a while, though not so much. He turned to Iseul and pouted. “Hey, as much as I want you to come with me, I’m afraid you can’t, squirt.” He explained as he packed his things into his backpack, trying to hurry since he didn’t know when exactly Julian would be at the roof. “Please understand that I’m not replacing you, okay? I’d rather die than do that.” Airyan immediately flinched after saying the last sentence. “And I’ll assure you that Julian won’t steal me away somewhere far. So.. Don’t get so worked up about it. I think this is only going to be a one time thing anyways.” Once he finished packing his notebook, he quickly slung his backpack over his shoulder and waved, before running up to the roof to meet up with Julian, panting as he arrived.

“You’re here,” Julian noted as his eyes darted towards the taller teen. “How are you feeling?”
Oliver was scheduled to show up within the next half and hour or so. Meanwhile, it was safe to make sure that all was right in his current setting. Transforming took a lot of mental energy, so it was fitting to make sure that Airyan was feeling alright. Mental disturbances often cause magical boys to go rogue, and nothing good ever came out of that. “I hope you had your lunch ’cause this is gonna take a while.” Julian sighed, throwing his hands behind his head. “We gotta wait for Oliver to get his angle-side-side over here.”

Iseul bit his bottom lip, clenching his fruit snack baggie in a fist. Airyan… Seemed tense for some reason. While not noticeable to the normal eye, the other teen was distinctly strained, one foot already in flight whenever he spoke. For someone who knew the other teen for so long, it would have been more uncommon if he hadn’t noticed. He sighed, unclenching the baggie, standing up, and shoving in his chair a little harsher than he meant. As Iseul took a step towards the corner of the door frame, he was abruptly fazed out of his thoughts by a very, very solid human body. The Korean looked up a little to see a head of auburn hair bordered by tanned skin and traces of freckles. While anger brewed in the pit of his stomach, he chose to ignore it, muttering a gruff apology before making his way around the person.
“Hey,” a voice called.
Iseul slowly turned to face the person.
“Do you know where the roof is by any chance?”
Almost instinctively, the dark haired teen made a pointer finger pointing upwards. With a nod from the stranger, he turned around and kept on his way. It wasn’t until he was at work, however, that he recognized that 1) the stranger was not wearing the school’s uniform and 2) the roof was where Airyan was.
The teen brooded over these facts very, very negatively.

“Dew, huh?” Oliver absentmindedly spun a set of keys on his ring finger. “Fitting for a shortie, I guess,” he mused. The teen made long strides up several sets of stairs, making it a point to occasionally take two steps at a time. When he made it to the heavy door of the roof access, he paused, hand holding the doorknob. How about giving the newbie a bit of a scare?
“Gastraphetes, egeiró!” There was a flamboyant paradigm of color as Oliver’s uniform was replaced with a full chlamys and sandles, accented with gold. A laurel reef formed around his head, adjoining as the base of his neck and wrapping golden leaves firmly around his ears. Finally, the familiar heft of Gastraphetes fell into his hand. Color fading, the teen smirked, relishing the weight of the crossbow. Oliver near blasted the door off of its hinges with his entrance, rapidly firing a torrent of bolts. And while in his head he carefully traced the paths of his bolts, he wasn’t too sure how much he would have cared if a bolt went a little bit astray.

Airyan chuckled nervously at Julian’s question. “I’m fine, I guess. Iseul helped me out with my hunger..” He replied, before listened to whatever else Julian had to say. Airyan nodded in understanding and waited patiently for this Oliver guy. After what seemed like a long time for him, Airyan screamed as the door to the roof was blasted off by a guy in a Greek attire lined with gold, armed with a crossbow. As bolts were being shot, Airyan quickly tried to take cover, though he didn’t find a good place to do that. Instead, he just dropped to the floor and covered his head with his arms. His heart was beating so fast, he felt like it might explode out of his chest. He didn’t know who this guy is, but Airyan didn’t like this guy at all.

The teen remained unimpressed. Julian’s feet etched into the concrete as he stood face to face with the now appeared brunette. “That was unnecessary,” he commented under his breath, however only under his breath as the wind settled and his eyes met with another pair. Staring off Oliver was not a fun job, especially considering how experienced he is at stare-offs. Turning to Airyan, the dancer tapped him lightly on the shoulder “It’s alright now, get up and meet your new teammate,” Julian chuckled. “He’s here to show you the ropes.”