About This Awesome Super Hero!


Heyoooooo.. My name is…. uuuh… Call me Seihou!

So, a lot of people don’t actually know….


Unfortunately, I’m married to Slenderman, but because I’m so freakin’ awesome and managed to escape (with some help of course), I am no longer under his control, but I am still his wife. >>
BUT, my actual husband is Isana Yashiro, otherwise known as the Silver King!(The very first king to be exact~!) His nickname is Shiro, and he’s my sweet white haired boy~!

At the current moment, I am trying to write as much as I can. Unfortunately, I don’t have inspiration or time, so this is most of a hobby thing. I will try to post as much as possible, but I am a student still!

I write stories, have random rants, or just randomly talk about the randomest things. Whatever I fancy, basically!

So enjoy your visit, and please gimme some input, it’s very appreciated!

-Seihou the Panda Hero

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