Homework Chicken

Prompt Used: I hate to tell you this but…
Song Used: The Opposite Side of The Sea by Oren Lavie

“I hate to tell you this but you’re actually pretty plain.” Artemis said out of nowhere.

She was laying on her bed, upside down as Seita busied himself by mending Artemis’ ripped clothes.

“Hm? What do you mean by plain?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he continued to mend her shirts.

Artemis thought a bit. She originally wanted to see how he reacted to that statement, but now she wants to push his buttons.

She smirked, hiding it behind her clasped hands that were resting on her mouth.

“Well, if you’re not plain, you’d be doing all the stuff I ask you to do.”

“But I do not understand, I do the tasks you ask me to do..!” Seita exclaimed, finally putting the sewing down.

Artemis put on an act, shaking her head as she sighed heavily, and a bit exaggerated.

“When I say all the stuff I ask, I mean everything.


“Yes!” Artemis exclaimed, suddenly grabbung the side frame of her bed, swung her legs up and a second later, she was doing a handstand using the sife frame for support. She kicked her legs carefully down to the floor and stood up gracefully as she pushed herself away from the frame.

“Alright, what task do you want me to do?” Seita asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Hmm… Good question!” The redhead replied as she walked her way to her closet.

Artemis’ room was fairly large, it would pass off as a master bedroom if there wan’t one already, a room even bigger than hers.

The spacious room was painted bright orange, with containers and small boxes of watch parts, random screw and bolts along with gears, placed randomly throughout.

The bed had a smooth metal frame with the mattress being covered with a lime green bed comforter and huge, puffy pillows.

After a minute or so, Artemis came back with her school bag, placing it on her bed.

“I want you to… help me do my homework.” Artemis said, turning to face Seita.

He stood up in response, and put his hands on his hips. “Are you sure you want me to… help..? It looks something more than that.” Seita replied with a slight frown.

Artemis smiled innocently. “What? It’s just a task, and you need to do every single task in order to not be plain.”

Seita gave her a hard stare, glancing at the papers she had in her bag then glanced back at her.

“Artemis, if you think I’m going to do your homework for you just so you can deem me “not plain”, I will NOT do it.” He declared, crossing his arms.

“What?! But whyyyyyyy??” Artemis whined.

Seita rolled his eyes, walking over to her and flicked her forehead.

“Ow! What was that for??” Artemis whined again, rubbing her forehead.

“Stop being lazy and do your own work.” He scolded, getting back to sewing as he sat down.

“Come on Seita! This is Chemistry! I only want you to do it this once! I won’t ask anymore!”

Seita glanced over, shook his head, then went back to sewing.


Seita shook his head again.


Seita threw down his current project and let out a heavy sigh as he stood up.

“Artemis, you need to understand this material. Just because you have me does not mean that you can get out of studying and doing your homework. You can’t take the final for Chemistry if you don’t even know what’s it asking. Besides,” Seita tossed Artemis’ pants at her face, to which she took them off and huffed. “If you’re too lazy to do something as simple as homework, then you’d be a chicken.”

Artemis stood up just as he said that. “Chicken?! Who are you calling a chicken?!?!”

Seita smirked, holding out the paper in front of her face.

“You will be one if you don’t man up and just do your work.”

Artemis growled and snatched her homework away, going over to her desk and began to work on it.

“I’m no chicken… I’m not lazy…” She grumbled under her breath as Seita secretly grinned, continuing to mend her clothes.


Mysteria Headcanons/Ideas

Mysteria’s favorite song (as of 2015) is Feel Good by Gorillaz.

Idea: Mysteria used to attend a military school runned by a very strict and unfair head master. Upon her recruitment, she saw how cruel the Headmaster was to one of her friends when he didn’t want to go. Mysteria began to plan an escape route and a way to shut down the school for good, while making secret alliances with the other kids that were literally forced to be in the school.

A guy in the law enforcement starts groaning about how they have to clean up the vigilante’s mess after defeating a bad guy. Mysteria comes back to the scene and overheard him, then starts to say “Wow, that was a bigger mess than I had expected.” Then after some conversation, the guy figures out that she was the one who fought and left the mess. Right when he was about to reveal her, Mysteria disappears and the guy is left accused of being crazy and seeing things.
Sequel: Mysteria meets the guy again, this time to warn him about a crime that would need a lot of law enforcement involved.
Problem related to Chapolin Colorado?
Something like:
“They’ve already killed a good friend of mine. You know El Chapolin Colorado from the lower parts of the country? He was one of those victims… He died honorably saving the towns down there. It shows bravery. And it also shows that us supers can’t do it alone. So do me a favor, stop being the proud jerk you are and actually do your job.” Then Mysteria disappears and Joah is left with his thoughts, before he goes back inside the balcony and calls headquarters.

False Intention (174/365: Part 1)

Warning: This writing has some pretty depressing stuff (and maybe a trigger? I don’t know if this would be considered something to be of warning, but just in case O-o)

Song used to write this: nc17-Yoko Kanno (Zankyou No Terror OST)

“S-Seita! Wait up!!” Artemis exclaimed as she pushed herself on her skateboard, trying to chase after Seita, who was running incredibly fast.

Seita had suddenly ran out of the flat, and Artemis was forced to grab her skateboard and catch up to him. She had noticed that Seita had been acting a bit odd lately.

Whenever Artemis would try to give him his peach water, instead of gulping it down like he usually does,he only stared at it. Only when she ruffled his hair would Seita remember what he was doing. Even simply checking over Artemis’ work was hand for him. Artemis had asked him at some point if he was alright. But Seita would only look up at her, blink, then say softly, “I suppose I should be.”

That only made the red haired girl more concerned.

As far as Artemis knew, he didn’t have any viruses or bugs. He was perfectly fine.

At least, well enough to be running so fast.

Seita was heading towards the Inner city, where all the small businesses were. It wasn’t quite Downtown, but it was in the edge of it.

Seita was beginning to slow down once he got to the front of the cathedral. Artemis let out a small sigh of relief, but was then interrupted by a flock of pigeons flying upwards diagonally, blocking her view.

As Artemis kicked her skateboard up towards her awaiting hand, the birds cleared up but Seita disappeared.

“Crap!! Where’d he go?!”

Quickly scanning the area, she saw a flash of dark, messy hair and pale skin, heading towards the left side of the cathedral before disappearing. Artemis sighed, throwing down her skateboard before riding it once more. She wove her way around the crowd, keeping her eye out for her friend.

She got to the side of the cathedral, then looked to her left and right. No sign of the teenage android. She rode her skateboard towards the other side of the cathedral, neear the water.

The rain from the night before had left large puddles in some places, and footprints were leading off everywhere. Artemis knew that Seita had ran off to the cemetary.

The cemetary was protected from the weather by a large, plastic roof that almost looked like a dome. Knowing Seita, he would’ve ran to the driest place he could find.
Once entering the large open space that was used to keep many boxes of ashes in compartments, Artemis got her skateboard and bowed out of respect.

“Sumimasen…” She said softly, before going back to her search.

The space was lined with flat, green fields dotted with colorful flowers that were well taken care for. A few small family shrines could be seen every once in a while, along with several candles.

Artemis continued to walk, until she saw a giant willow tree. She walked towards it, unable to resist.

Walking up the hill, she heard a small sound. Rustling of leaves, and someone shuffling their feet.

Artemis walked around the tree cautiously, slowly.

Another step forward, and Artemis stopped and gasped.

Seita had managed to get a rope on one of the lower branches of the willow tree, tied it like a noose (? Gotta find out what that was again just to make sure). He was standing on a large rock, putting his head through the large, thick loop.

Slowly, he turned to look at Artemis with sad, tired eyes. With a bit of a struggle, he began to kick the rock aside…

“SEITA, NO!!!” Artemis screamed, sitting up and breathed heavily. She was in her room, in her house. Safe, but Seita…

“SEITA, WHERE ARE YOU?!” She screamed again, sobbing.

Seita ran into the room, almost tripping over himself and got to the bed, next to the other teen.

“I’m here! What is-?”

“Seita, oh my god…” Artemis sobbed, pulling him closer and hugged him tightly.

Seita stood there, surprised and frozen, while Artemis hugged him. He didn’t know how to react, this type of behavior he had never encountered before, especially since this was Artemis. She never got sad, and even if she did, it was only for a short while.

Nothing he had experienced was the same as this.

After a few moments, he slowly hugged her back, petting her head a bit.

“It’s okay, everything is alright. Calm down…” Seita said softly.

Artemis continued to cry, still clinging to him.

Seita wiggled and made her loosen her grip a bit. He sat on the bed, crissed-crossed, holding her close.

“It’s okay, everything is fine.” He told her once more.

“S-Seita, promise me… You’ll never leave me..” Artemis cried softly, finally letting go of him.

Seita frowned. He knew what she was asking him. He wasn’t sure if he can keep that promise. Instead, he kept hugging her, gently, and didn’t say a word.

Luna and Kimchi finding out…

The Deaths Of The Gang of Kids (Their Family).

Write about the day Kimchi and Luna find out that the gang that they had at the factory were used as kid soldiers and were killed (in battle?)

Kimchi would be angry at himself, cursing and blaming himself for not saving them sooner. Luna would keep her composure, but later on she would be seen crying her eyes out.

Luna and Kimchi would be called by Esmay and Erich, and they would tell them about every single kid. (There is 12 kids in total)

What if that’s how Luna became to be accepting towards death?
And Kimchi emotionally strong..?


Prompt Used: Write about the life of a piece of string

“I have become a piece of string.” Artemis declared, not opening her eyes for a second.

Seita raised an eyebrow, looking up from his daily spell check on Artemis’ homework.

“What do you mean? You are human, you cannot be a piece of string Artemis.” Seita’s eyes scanned over her paper, correcting it with small, red, and precise marks.

“Yes I can.” She replied stubbornly in a funny accent. She was laying on the cold tile floor, happily since she didn’t have to worry about the killer summer heat.

“No, you cannot. You do much, much more than the average piece of cord made out of cotton and nylon. Humans-”

Seita abruptly stopped as he heard Artemis groan, pressing her face against the tile. “I’m a piece of string! Obviously, I lay around and do nothing because I have no use yet!”

Seita let out a heavy sigh, causing Artemis to look up at him with a pout.

“Fine, call yourself a piece of string, but you cannot say that you have no use, because you are a good friend, and you really do much more than the average piece of string.” He said as he went back to checking her paper.

Artemis put her head down on the tile again. “Thanks Seita.”

“Artemis, you’re such an idiot.” Seita said with a grin, glancing over at her before she snapped her head back up at him.


Seita laughed, throwing an apple to her. Artemis caught it and huffed, taking a bite out of it. “I’ll get you back, kid.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

Dream Idea: ?

I had this super weird dream yesterday and its like Whoooooa O3O
It took place in this Bed and Breakfast type of place, sorta
In this, like… Really large Mexican style mansion
The places where you eat takes up the whole first floor, and the bedrooms are on the second floor
I was there with this group of people that would resemble my family, and we were walking around the first floor. We entered a part where it was a storage room
And it was filled with random clothes and such. I actually found some red rain boots and was about to take them with me, when for some reason, I just had the immediate urge to run
Like, I felt someone was gonna chase after me, so I ran out of the storage room, and got to the kitchen where the workers were making food.
I ran some more, ended up in this really fancy looking dinning room, kinda for a ball sorta. A few white people were coming in, but then I was like “NOPE” and ran to the main hall
Once I got there, I hid for a while, and waited until it was night time
When it got night time, I found myself in the middle of this religious group/cult thing
And to blend in, I stole a white full length hood and cape thing, kinda like the Organization 13 robes, except white
Also for some reason I was wearing a dress. I don’t know why
Anyways, I walked around, more calmly than before because I guess the cult was respected and stuff, and since I was “part of them” they didn’t pay attention to me
After a while, I found myself outside
I clearly remember as I was walking around the building looking into it (some of the big rooms had glass window-walls). A lot of the people looked like they were doing religious stuff
It kinda reminded me of the opening scene for Bioshock Infinite
So anyways, the preacher guy looked exactly from Bioshock XD and he saw me staring, so I immediately pulled up my hood and started walking to another building next to it
Also, this whole place was on grassy plains
It was very pretty
Anyways, some people got out to where I was and they were shouting at me to go to the sermon or whatever
And I just kept walking away, pretending to not listen. So then after a while, they left me alone. When I got the building next door, it was much older than the first one
In the building, I heard little kids whispering and stuff. The building was made out of wood, and kinda looked like a barn sorta.
I went to an alley of grass and sat down, ’cause you know, I was tired from running non-stop XD after a while, I found this boy who was kinda my age, but had the mentality of a small child
So just for the heck of it, I led him to a clearing and was going to show him the sunset
Key word WAS
but then I was like… this gigantic solar eclipse
Like, it was scary looking, because it was HUGE
It was like, the moon is in front of the sun right? Sunce its really huge, you can literally see the fire and solar flares from the sun behind the moon
So I was like “UUUUH NEVER MIND” and covered up his eyes and led him back
When I went back, there was a group of little kids waiting for us, all wearing white robes
The boy I was with led me away while the group stayed there, kinda looking like they were going to wait for us
So I followed the boy to another clearing and pointed up to the sky. I looked up, and there was a meteor shower
It was sooooo cool O3O anyways, he sat down with me to watch the meteor shower, and after a while it was pretty peaceful.
But then the group of kids ran to us, kinda frantic and stuff. Then this dude that’s like maybe at least 18 came angrily up to me and asked what the heck I was doing there
He looked pretty angry and violent, ’cause he grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me away, but then the little boy I was with was trying to pull me back
But then I pulled myself away and tried to go with the little boy and the other little kids, and that’s when my dream ended ;3;

Mother: :o
Me: Cliffhangers in dreams are the WORST T-T
Mother: Yupp
Me: Its pretty cool though. But the zoomed-in solar eclipse was SCARY. It looked like a giant black sun with solar flares D: Oh, also I remembered a small detail.
Mother: ?
Me: When I was running around, trying to “escape”, I keep hearing someone shouting “Find the girl with the baseball!”. I actually did had a baseball in the pocket of my dress =u=
Mother: o:
Me: It was weeeeeird, but I can also use that as an idea for a story =u= Oh, also, the dress I was wearing was like a medieval peasant dress. Kinda like that. I have no idea why.

Dream Idea: O6/O8/15

The place was like, probably looks like San Antonio and New York. It had lots of water and bridges and boats and stuff, with underground tunnels that looked like subway leads, but turns out to be underground circle river things, with a small island sticking out that connects the level ground (street) to the water. There’s two flights of stairs that connects them too. The time was kinda post-future.

So I can’t remember what had happened before, but the government were looking for me. The government was runned by a military of some sort, instead of guys with suits, there was guys with medium sized guns and army pants with white shirts, some of them wearing full uniform.

I made the government angry, and I was running to get away. It was a big-ish city, kinda like Houston but with underground stuff. They caught me the first time, and I struggled, then my boyfriend and a friend had gotten involved somehow, angered the government too, and they caught them, but I managed to escape (which was all Joseph’s plan). The government tried to question Joseph and our friend, but they just joked around.

I ran until I found a “subway” looking thing, went down the stairs, then saw that it was one of the circle river things. I went down the steps to the little island thing, and actually looked up to see if they followed. They didn’t, so I had the chance to catch my breath. This 20-ish year old woman saw me and decided to talk to me. She said “Uuuh, hi! My name is Blah Blah Blah, what’s yours?”
I panted, then faced the stairs and kept looking for any soldier, before looking at her and say “My name is…. Gladys Banda..”
“Oh, that’s a pretty name!”
A soldier comes down and was talking into their walkie talkie. I immediately got low, hiding behind a rock and said absentmindedly, “Uh-huh. Can you do me a favor and pretend I’m not here?”
“Why? Is the guy with the walkie talkie following you?”
“Uh-huh” I gasp silently as the guy made his way down. I go around the island thing side walk and while I did, the soldier said “I am looking for a girl that looks like this” (I’m guessing he’s showing a holographic picture of me) “Have you seen her around here??”

As that was happening, I made it under the stair-bridge thing. There was people hanging out under it, enjoying the semi- crystal clear water, sitting on the rest of the sidewalk thing. I got desperate and jumped into the water (cue the crowd gasp) then dove under the water, going to the other side of the island thing. I surfaced and I kept my head down as I found myself with that lady and a soldier somewhat nearby. She asked me if I took swimming lessons (someone in the background “Ooooooh!” -ed) and I shook my head, before the dream ended. In my mind, I was like “I need to get Joseph and our friend back!!”

Hamlet at a Sleepover? (More Silly Headcanons)

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Ask: Hamlet/Horatio/Ophelia sleepover headcanons?

Takes place in some sort of strange, post-play, everybody-lives-but-Claudius, who-the-hell-is-running-the-country, it’s-Ophelia-she-is-running-it universe:

Hamlet came up with the idea. It was something he had read about growing up, but his family “didn’t have sleepovers” and that time he passed out drunk (after like 2.5 drinks) in Laertes’ room did not count. When he proposed the idea to Horatio, there was a long-suffering sigh involved. “Hamlet, I live with you. Literally every night is a sleepover. And I’m sure Ophelia has better things to do.”

Because Ophelia, unlike Hamlet, actually does have a very busy schedule involving 30 different activities that she can not postpone. No, Hamlet, not even for you. Okay, fine. Just this once, but you’d better have some good food.

So one chilly night (all nights in Denmark are chilly from Horatio’s point of view), they are in Hamlet’s ginormous bedroom roasting marshmallows and…

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