Mysteria was brushing Asher’s hair, fluffing it every once in a while. Asher was beginning to doze off, much like a cat when he gets petted. Mysteria smiled at the boy who had his head on her lap for a while now. She suddenly smirked and placed her hands on his temples. Asher stirred, humming slightly as his brows furrowed together.

“Mmm, why’d you stop?” He groaned, before he felt the pair of hands leave his temples and went to his forehead. He opened his eyes as Mysteria pushed his bangs back. She looked at his face and laughed. “Forehead!” She exclaimed as she continued to laugh. “You look so weird!”

As she teased, Asher groaned, then yawned. “Leave my hair alone…” He grumbled, closing his eyes again. “Besides, you love my bangs.”

Mysteria scoffed, but smiled at him and kissed his forehead. “You dork. Have you thought about getting a haircut anytime soon?” She asked, fluffing up his hair again. “Maybe, but nah, not right now at least.”

“You should.”


Mysteria laughed. “Fine, I love you with your crazy, Leonardo DiCaprio hair anyways.”

“I don’t look like him! … Do I?”