Unorthodox Stress Relief

Mysteria walked alongside Asher and Jordan, the three of them sharing a bucket of popcorn from the stadium vendors.

“You’re gonna love the game!” Jordan exclaimed, taking some popcorn from Asher.

“Am I really?” He asked, offering the bucket to Mysteria.

“I guess if you have an open mind about it, you being a skater and all!” Jordan replied.

Mysteria stayed quiet, looking at the ground as she walked and completely ignored them.

Asher frowned and waved a hand in front of her face, getting her attention.

“What? Did you guys say something?” Mysteria asked.

Asher pouted. “We’re talking about tomorrow’s game! You know, the one you told me that I should go to ?” He shook the bucket of popcorn in front of her to keep her focused.

“Oh, right. Jordan?” Mysteria looked over at her partner, who did the same.


“Get him a good seat, okay? Give him the special treatment and everything. Also,” Mysteria ran a hand through her hair, groaning slightly. “You gotta help me practice, and then get ready for the interview… Then…” She stopped once she caught Asher staring at her in disbelief.

“You have to do an interview?!” He asked, genuinely surprised.

Tiredly, Mysteria smiled and did a half-hearted hairflip.

“The first female baseball player in a major league, ALL-MEN team, a rookie who is already on her way to MVP in baseball.”

“Not to mention, she’s related to Airyan Yoichi, sooooo…” Jordan added, shrugging slightly.

Asher blinked. “Wow, all of that huh?”

“Yes, but it’s very stressful sometimes. I love the game and all but this publicity is getting a bit out of control.” Mysteria complained, dismissing the topic by swatting the air away. “Enough about that, we need to plan out tomorrow’s game, and-”

“Mysteria!” Asher yelled out, making her flinch.

“Whaaaaaat?? What is it?” She asked, annoyed. “I was trying to-”

“That’s so much stuff to worry about!” Asher exclaimed.

“Gosh, you’re starting to sound like my old man.” Mysteria sighed. “I know it’s a lot of stuff to do, but it’s a price I have to pay for wanting to be a baseball player. Just-” Suddenly turning towards a bush nearby.

“Elijah, I know you’re there. Get out. Now.” Mysteria ordered, crossing her arms. A dark haired Mongolian teen around the same age as the trio slowly emerged from behind the bush.

“Hello princess!” Elijah greeted casually, as Asher frowned and went up to her. “Um, who is this?”

“My name is Elijah Brown, Mysteria’s boyfriend!” The teen declared, throwing an arm around Mysteria’s shoulders, giving Asher and Jordan a toothy grin.

Mysteria grabbed his arm and twisted it, causing Elijah to say “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” repeatedly, with Jordan chuckling. Asher watched in horror and amazement.

“He’s NOT my boyfriend, thank you VERY much.” Mysteria glared at Elijah as she said the last part before letting go.

“Th-That’s my girl!” Elijah laughed as he rubbed his injured arm.

Asher tilted his head slightly. “So who is he exactly?”

“Mysteria’s crazy stalker.” Jordan replied. “Casual stalker who really likes her.”

“O-Oh… Well, that’s… something.” He said with a nervous smile. He turned to Mysteria.

“Mysteria, I know you’re busy with all the stuff you have to do, but… Can I take you somewhere before you have to do all that stuff? That can’t be good for your mental health doing it all at once with no break.”

Elijah immediately stood in between them, flailing his arms. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who said you can go on and steal my girl away?!” Elijah shouted before Mysteria pushed him aside so she can look at Asher properly.

“What do you mean take me somewhere?” She asked, looking interested.

Asher smiled and shrugged, rubbing the nape of his neck. “It’s someplace that you need to see for yourself. It’ll help you become less stressed, hopefully.”

Mysteria blinked. “Um, as long as I get home before it gets too dark… I can go with you after the interview. Does that sound okay?”

Elijah tried to get in between them again, furious. “I forbid you to do anything like that Mysteria!”

Asher smiled at her. “Take your time, there’s no rush.”

Mysteria pushed Elijah out of the way again before addressing to Jordan. “Jordan?”

“Got it.” He replied as he headed towards the locker rooms. “I’ll tell Coach about you taking a break.” He waved a hand as he left.

The girl turned back to Asher, a smile of relief and curiosity now lighting up her face. “I’ll see you after the interview then.”

“I’ll be waiting.” He replied, smiling back.


Mysteria got out of the conference room that they had in the stadium, rubbing her face with a wet wipe as she tried to get the makeup off her face. She let out a long sigh and headed towards the exit where Jordan and Asher were waiting.

The two guys were standing under the shade, looking like they were talking about something either serious or petty in Mysteria’s opinion.

As the girl approached them, Jordan quietly said something towards Asher before he patted him on the back.

“The Princess is here, that’s my cue to leave.” He announced, slightly tipping his baseball cap to Asher and Mysteria. “I’ll see you later!” Jordan then jogged to the direction Mysteria came from.

The other two teens were now alone, one of them still curious.

“What were you and Jordan talking about?” Mysteria questioned. Asher smiled knowingly, pressing a finger to his lips.

“It’s for us to know, and for you to find out.” He said playfully, leaving Mysteria frustrated for a moment.

“Keeping secrets from me now?”

Asher chuckled, then motioned her over. “Come on, we should hurry if you plan on coming home before dark.”

The girl rolled her eyes, then followed, catching up to his side.

Walking through town, the two enjoyed the walk to their destination, pointing out things and talked about small things. Asher would look at Mysteria every once in a while to see her expression, which remained equally interested as when he first suggested to go with him.

“It’s not far from here now Mysteria.” He assured her after a while.

Mysteria looked back at him and smiled. “I’m enjoying myself now. Walking around town is something I don’t do often.” Mysteria admitted, looking at the nearby buildings.

Asher blushed slightly and began to get restless, unable to contain his excitement. “You’re gonna love this then!” He exclaimed happily, taking her hand and pulled her across the street with her taking a bit to keep up.

Arriving at a small forest, Asher led Mysteria through a faded path that led north into a clearing.

“This is a place that no one really visits,” Asher began to explain, Mysteria attempting to take in the scenery. “I go here whenever I’m stressed.” He realized that he was still holding her hand, immediately letting go. “O-Oh, sorry about that… Got caught in the excitement…”

Mysteria took her hand back, felling how warm it was. She looked at him with a laugh. ” Scared that I’ll get lost, or is this a date?” She teased, continuing to follow him.

“No, I just don’t want you to miss this.” He said with a bright smile. Mysteria and Asher both got to the top of the hill, which overlooked the south side of the city below. Cars were speeding around with the usual traffic, people scurrying, some hanging out or taking a walk. Buildings were shimmering in the sunlight, some even reflecting the light like mirrors. All throughout the city were dots and splashes of color made by modern artists and people showing their support for an event.

Mysteria marveled at the sight, speechless. Asher stood next to her, smiling brightly. “See what I mean when I said you had to see it for yourself?” He asked, turning to look at the city below them.

Mysteria stared at the landscape for what seemed like forever, before she looked around.

“Let’s sit down. I want to stay here for a while.” She requested, slowly going to the ground and sat herself down.

“Of course, we can be here as long as you want.” Asher replied, sitting next to her, almost touching shoulders.

The two were at the hill for an hour and a half before Mysteria decided that it was time for her to go back. She was leading Asher this time, making her way to her house.

After a few blocks and turns, they made it to Mysteria’s neighborhood, then to her street.

“Thank you for that.” Mysteria said quietly after the long silence. “I really needed some time to relax.”

Asher smiled. “I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Having a busy life like yours isn’t an easy one to have..”

Mysteria led him to the steps of her house, before stopping at the one before the entrance door.

“Do you want anything?” Mysteria offered, motioning to the door. “I can get you something to eat, unless you’re thirsty or something.”

The boy laughed and shook his head, grinning. “I want you to sleep.”

Mysteria puffed out her cheeks and put her hands on her hips. “You’re telling me what to do now after I tried to be a good hostess? That’s not how it works, Jack Frosty!”

The door opened right after she said that, and Mysteria turned to Hibiki who was wearing an apron.”

“Old Man!” Mysteria greeted.

“Hello Misty, and…” He paused, looking over Mysteria’s shoulder. “Mysteria’s friend?”

Asher’s eyes widened and he immediately bowed. “My name is Asher Leon, sir.” He introduced himself in a nervous tone.

Hibiki gave him a skeptical look. “Mysteria?”

“He’s the friend that ice skates, I told you about him, Old Man.” Mysteria reassured him.

“Oh! I remember.” Hibiki nodded, but his skeptical look came back. “What were you two doing?” He asked, suspicious.

“I was helping her not be stressed out!” Asher blurted out. “She had so many things going on, I wanted to take her somewhere calming so she can relax.”

Watching Mysteria nod in reassurance, Hibiki smiled at Asher. “Thank you. It is very much appreciated.”

Asher bowed again. “My pleasure. Um…” He got upright and smiled sheepishly at Mysteria. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Of course. Bye Asher.” Mysteria replied, smiling back. “Oh, and by the way, don’t be so uptight with my old man. I call him Old Man for a reason.” Hibiki chuckled at her comment, crossing his arms.

Asher laughed slightly, then bowed once more to Hibiki, who waved goodbye to him as the teen left.

Entering their home, Hibiki grinned at Mysteria.

“I like him.” He said simply as Mysteria blushed ever so slightly but attempted to brush it off by rolling her eyes and shook head.

“What? He’s very polite and he took some of his time to help you relax. You should keep him close, Misty.”

“That is why he’s a friend, and good friends do stuff like that.”

“That’s true I suppose.”

Mysteria huffed. “Old Man, don’t start getting ideas!” She exclaimed, taking the kitchen towel that was in his hand and swatted him lightly with it, making Hibiki laugh.



Train Station

Mysteria massaged her knee, covered with a knee brace. Wincing, she hissed and bit her lip as the sharp pain traveled in her knee.

The morning air was crisp and cool, and everything was quiet and serene. It was too early for anyone to really be out in the train station, with the exception of the early morning workers commuting to work.

Mysteria silently waited for her train to come by, while debating on how she was going to get on the train without help. The baseball game against her rival’s team, the Lukio Tigers was a very tough game. Although Mysteria managed to get to the final base and saved the Canava Pandas from having a tied game, her leg was the ultimate sacrifice for it.

As Mysteria browsed her phone, reading the texts from Hibiki, she noticed in the corner of her eye a teenage boy sitting on the bench next to hers. She thought nothing of it and went back to the texts.

After a bit, she took a glance at the boy, noticing that he has black hair. She blinked and slightly tilted her head just a bit. Black hair… Nice.

Some time passed and soon the sound of a locomotive began to get close. The boy slowly stood up, adjusting his backpack strap as he rummaged in it. Mysteria sighed slightly and very slowly pushed herself off of the seat and onto her feet rather shakily.

She gasped in pain, quickly taking her backpack and limped towards the arriving train.


Mysteria was halfway to the train entrance before she turned to the black haired teen.

“Yes?” She replied with gritted teeth, pushing a bit of her faint British accent.

“Do you need help walking?” He asked, gesturing to her leg.

Mysteria got surprised, turning towards the teen. “Thanks, but I’m fine. I’m stronger than I look.”

“Alright, if you say so. Can I at least help you with your backpack?”

Mysteria blinked and slowly shook her head. “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

The boy nodded but walked next to her, causing Mysteria to scoot a bit away from him. They both entered the train and took their seats, Mysteria struggling to not hurt herself. As the doors closed, the bout moved in to sit next to Mysteria.

“My name is Asher Leon. Nice to meet you.” He greeted, holding out his hand to her. Mysteria stared at his hand for a bit, then took her time to shake it.


“Mysteria? That name sounds familiar.”

The girl shrugged and looked down at her leg. “Well, we haven’t met before, if that’s what you’re wondering.” Mysteria replied casually, trying to not get nervous by his remark.

“Hm. Alright.”

The rest of the train ride was quiet and calm, which Mysteria greatly appreciated the rare occassion in her hectic life. When the train got to the city stop, she got up, and noticed that Asher was getting up too. She raised an eyebrow, getting a bit suspicious.

“You get off here?” She asked.

Asher nodded. “Do you?” He smirked. “Or do you plan on following me because I look cute?”

Mysteria immediately got flustered. “How about I follow you into a parking lot and beat you up?”

“Whoa, calm down, I’m just teasing! I didn’t think of you as that type of girl anyways.”


Asher looked at the station and looked to the left. “I have to go towards Nemi Avenue. Where are you going?”

Mysteria looked at the right and pointed to that direction. “Princeton Street.”

“Oh, I gotcha. Well,” Asher stretched, then held out his hand, letting Mysteria take it.

“Nice meeting you. Hope to see you around sometime.”

“Same to you…”

With the last words, both teens went their separate ways for the day.



A few days later, Mysteria sat in her usual spot, patiently waiting for the train once again. She rubbed her leg and sighed, attempting to stretch it out. Another day of practice. Mysteria looked around to see if Asher was going to ride the train again. There was no dark haired boy in sight.


Mysteria sighed and slumped back in her seat. She was curious about the guy, wanting to know why he was riding the train and the like. Something about his precise movements makes her wonder if he was an athlete or something similar. Slowly closing her eyes, Mysteria tried to figure out how she’s going to perform on her practice. She couldn’t possibly ask Jordan to run the bases for her; it doesn’t work like that.

Foosteps began to approach her, and Mysteria opened her eyes to see Asher standing nearby.

He was smiling at her.

“Morning.” He greeted, going towards her. Mysteria carefully moved to make space for him on the bench before replying with a groggy “Morning”. Asher sat down with her.

He looked down at her knee and frowned. “Ouch. Still injured, huh? You really gotta take care of yourself, Mysteria.”

The girl sighed and stretched out her arms above her head. “Yeah..”

Asher puffed out his cheeks, then rummaged through his bag, producing two paper bags.

“I got you something to eat. They had some sort of sale at this bakery I go to every morning, so I figured I should… you know..” He trailed off, handing her a bag.

Mysteria raised an eyebrow and took the bag and opened the bag, being skeptical. She stared at the seemingly palm-sized smooth looking bread in a creamy light brown color.

“What is this?” She asked curiously, sticking her face into the bag and sniffed.

“What? They’re kolaches!”

“Kolaches? I never had one before..”

“Oh, well, they’re basically small loaves of bread with sausage and cheese inside, though there are different stuff that you can have in them.. Try it! It’s delicious!” Asher exclaimed enthusiastically.

Mysteria gave him a skeptical look, then took the kolache in her hands. She sniffed it a little, then took a small hesitant bite. She chewed for a bit before her eyes grew wide.

“This is really good!” She exclaimed, smiling at Asher. “Thank you for buying me this!”

Asher laughed slightly. “No problem, though if I had known that you’ve never had one of these, I would’ve got you one sooner!” He replied, taking a bit out of his kolache.

After a few moments of silently enjoying breakfast, the train arrived on schedule. Asher stood up, dusting off the crumbs before looking back at Mysteria. “Do you want help?” He asked his daily question.

“No, I’m fine.” Mysteria gave her usual reply. She pushed herself up with difficulty, wincing as she did.

“Alright, if you say so.” Asher said, frowning slightly.

Both of them walked to the train, taking their usual seats.

“Sooo, I found out something.” Asher said with a playful smile.

“What?” Mysteria sighed, thinking about the possible gossip he had for her, like he usually does.

“I found out that you’re a baseball player.”

Mysteria’s eyes grew wide, but her expression stayed neutral. She made sure to avoid eye contact with Asher in fear of having him find out. “Oh? And how did you find that out?” She asked, crumpling the paper bag into a ball before throwing it into the trash next to their seats.

“A friend of mine commented on one of your games, saying that you were a pretty good player.”

A newbie to baseball maybe. Mysteria thought in her mind.

“Good to know that you can observe things.” She replied, relaxing into her seat once more. “But I still don’t know what you do.”

“Oh… Well…” Asher trailed off. “I-I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He said rather quickly.

Mysteria looked at his slight nervous face, then smiled reassuringly.

“Sure, I can wait.”


Mysteria struggled to walk to the bench. Her leg was killing her everytime she took a step, and the pain was unbearable. During practice the day before, she tried to fake her recovery in order to play properly again. So she played and ran to a base when she hit the ball. She had thought that she could walk off the injury. Turns out she was wrong.

Painfully sitting down, Mysteria cursed under her breath. One more practice to go and she can see the doctor afterwards. Gingerly she felt her leg, finding a few spots where it hurts the most.

Growling, Mysteria slumped back into the seat and waited.

Five minutes later, Asher arrived at the station just as the train came rolling in with a screech. Mysteria took her time getting herself up without hurting herself more. Asher jogged over, seeing her in her current state and began to get concerned.

“Mysteria, do you need help?” He asked worriedly. Mysteria shook her head.

“No thanks.” She said firmly, taking a step forward then winced and cursed under her breath.

Asher watched her take more painful steps. Watching the green haired girl be in pain was the saddest sight anyone could see. The agonizing look on her face, the limp, the way she had to move while attempting to spare herself from anymore pain to her injury.

He couldn’t take it any longer. She was straining herself to her limit. Asher sprinted forward and stood in front of her, arms stretches out at his sides to block her from going further.


Mysteria was taken back with surprised, but immediately responded.



“NO!” Mysteria began to sprint towards the train, but yelled out in pain and staggers.

Asher gasped and attempted to catch her in his arms as she fell. Mysteria saw that and threw herself out of his reach, making him lean too far in and both fall to the floor.

Mysteria gritted her teeth and breathed heavily while Asher sat up, rubbing his head.

“Take my goddamn help next time!” He hissed.

“Hell no!” Mysteria growled, still gritting her teeth, being in so much pain. “If you’ve left me alone, we wouldn’t end up like this!”

“I was trying to be nice, but you’re so stubborn, I might as well be talking to an angry BULL!” Asher shouted.

“FINE! IF YOU WANNA HELP SO BADLY, THEN CARRY ME!” Mysteria yelled out in frustration and in pain.

Asher stood up and rolled up his sleeves. “Fine, I guess I will.”

Mysteria looked at him with disbelief. “W-Wait, are you rea- AH!”

Before she even got to finish, Asher placed an arm around her shoulders, and another one underneath her legs, being careful not to hurt her again. He picked her up with ease, starting to walk quickly to the train.

Mysteria blushed deeply as she was being carried away to the locomotive. After a few seconds of confused shyness, she managed to stutter out a comment.

“W-Wow, you’re not as weak as you look…”

Asher shot her a look, then smiled and rolled his eyes, entering the train and carefuly sets her down on the seat.

“Looks like it’s time for me to let you in on my secret.” Asher replied, tilting his head while placing a finger on his lips. “I’m a figure skater. All of this,” He rolled up his sleeves more and flexed his arms, attempting to show her his muscles. “This is all muscle. And you’re fairly light.”

Mysteria continued to blush, but not as muchas before. She smiled and let out a tired laugh.

“That explains a lot, Jack Frost.”

Rage Quit

Mysteria stormed towards Airyan’s room, pushing through the crowd of reporters and fans that waited for him. She kicked the door open, pulling up her sleeves and closed the door shut behind her.

Airyan was sitting on a chair, his head hung low as he gloomily stared at his phone. The green haired girl stood in between him and the table and crossed her arms. “Airyan Haruko Yoichi, what in the world is wrong with you?!” Mysteria demanded, causing Airyan to flinch slightly at the sound of his full name.

“Nothing” he said in the most quietest, monotone voice.

“Nothing?! First, I find out that your dumb little girlfriend broke up with you, and you cried like a baby for a while. Then, I heard that you cancelled a show, and that you don’t even want to sing karaoke. And now,” The girl began to gesture in large motions to the door, unable to control her anger. “You’re not even doing your job at all?! Ignoring your coworkers, AND your fans?! This is ridiculous!! Airyan, you little shrimp, you better explain to me what is going on with you, or so help me-”

Mysteria stopped suddenly, noticing that his stare never left his phone. She growled and snatched away the phone without a second thought. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!!” She yelled frustratingly. Airyan slowly raised his head and sighed.


Mysteria growled, clenching her fists tightly. “What is WRONG WITH YOU??” She yelled, stomping her feet. “This is not like you!! You’re not even talking to me in full sentences, much less reacting!! Why is this girl so important to you anyways?? You didn’t even broke up with her!!” Fumbling, the girl managed to get into his messages and read the last one out loud. “‘I’m sorry but I want to break up with you. It’s not you, it’s me. Don’t call me anymore, we’re through.’ What the- SHE EVEN USED THE MOST CLICHE LINE!! AND SHE BROKE UP BY TEXT?!” The girl exploded. She took Airyan by his shoulders and shook him hard. He only acted as a ragdoll.

“Airyan, I swear, if you don’t get back to normal, I will smack you so hard that you will turn bald or something!!” The boy looked at her indifferently, foreign to his happy, cheerful nature. Mysteria trembled with rage. She raised a hand up and-


Nothing but a red mark left on his cheek. Mysteria yelled out and shook him again. “You idiot!! All of this for a stupid GIRL!!” The boy continued to stare at her with almost lifeless eyes. “Look, I don’t know why you’re acting so strange. And I don’t care. What I want is for my stupid annoying cousin to go back to his normal self. If that means that you need to take some days off from your performances, FINE. Don’t mope over an idiot who doesn’t know a good guy even if it hit her. She’s not worth your time or energy anyways, and besides, you’re acting like an emotional girl on her freaking period, crying and eating a tub of ice cream. Man up already!”


“‘No’? ‘No’?? So you’re telling me that you’d rather be a freaking crybaby and let your career and life get away from you, all because your first girlfriend broke up with you? Is that it?” She asked harshly, with a hand on her hip as she stomped a foot into the table, facing him and pointing a finger at him.

“Listen to me, you spineless ninny. You may be a famous singer, but you are MY cousin, and that means you have to be as great as me!” Immediately, Mysteria grabbed his shirt. “Because you are my cousin, I will NOT tolerate you being a lazy idiot who is mourning for his ex. You know very well that I was right about her, but even then you can’t even move on in life. There are so much more important things that matter more than this or even you.” Mysteria pushed him back into his chair and growled. “You’ve been a whiny girl for too long now. She broke up with you two weeks ago. If I were you, I would forget about her. But seeing that you won’t even do that, I guess I’ll leave.” With that, the young baseball player turned and left, sliding the phone across the table. She stormed out of the room and through the crowd, before Elijah began to follow.

“Wow, you looked worked up princess! Want me to-”

“Elijah, I swear, if you bother me right now, I WILL pummel you.” She replied in a hard tone. “And DO NOT call me princess.” Mysteria continued to storm out of the building, leaving Airyan to watch her from his window, rubbing his cheek.


Mysteria frustratingly took her bat from the rack, her expression neutral but her eyes were lit with rage. As her teammates watched in confusion, Mysteria swung her bat a few times.

“Jordan, come on.” She ordered, walking through the curious onlookers, who got out of her path’s way.

Jordan let out a sigh and nervously puts on his glove, punching into it with his free one. “Coming!”

Once they finished their stretches and warm-ups, Mysteria swung her bat over both her shoulders, a dead look of anger plastered on. Jordan attempted to give her an encouraging smile, but ended up giving her a small nervous one. He really didn’t want to feel Mysteria’s wrath, but he didn’t really have a choice either, in his own free will and because they were partners.

Jordan pitched the ball at Mysteria and she blurred into a really fast flash, then all of the sudden, Jordan was barely able to catch the ball before it hit him directly to his face. He bit his lip in pain, shaking off his gloved hand.

“Yo, Panda Hero, calm down!” He shouted at her. The green haired girl blinked before realizing what she was doing. She growled, now gripping her bat firmly in one hand.

“Sorry Jordan!” She sighed, watching the bright red head approach her.

“What’s wrong? This isn’t like you.” Jordan asked quietly, but was then surprised by his fellow teammate.

Mysteria yelled. “My freaking cousin, dude! He’s the problem! I don’t know what to do with him! I tried doing everything I can do to help him feel better, but he won’t even hold a f- fracking conversation! What the f- uuuuh freak am I supposed to do?! This is all so weird, but why does this have to happen??” Mysteria began pacing around as she spoke, swinging her bat around dangerously.

Jordan watched but backed up a step before she accidentally hit him with strong force. “Um, which cousin is it? And um… Why are you angry at him again?” Jordan asked meekly.

Mysteria threw her head back and groaned. “Airyan, man, who else! He broke up with his stupid girlfriend and now he’s acting all mopey and depressed, and I HATE it! I literally tried to make him happy, but everything I did, he just doesn’t want to do!!” The girl continued to pace around, swinging her bat around even more.

“I even offered to sing with him!! Can you believe that?! And you know how he responded??”

Jordan got startled by the unexpected question and got nervous. “U-Um… He didn’t-”

“HE. RE-FUSED!!” Mysteria shouted, interrupting him in mid-sentence. “That’s not my cousin, that’s an imposter!! Someone took my cousin and it’s just… UGH!!!”

Jordan slowly approached Mysteria, placing a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry that this is happening to you and that your cousin is acting weird,” He began, not sure if it was the right thing to do. “I think you should distance yourself from him or else you’ll explode. This could be just a phase for all we know.”

Mysteria looked over and sighed. “Yeah… You’re right. There’s no reason for me to be worked up over this.” She replied, slowly letting her bat drop to the ground.

“Y-Yeah! Don’t worry about it,” Jordan nodded, then got quiet again. “… Um, I think you should go home and rest. You must be exhausted from this, and besides, your dad would get worried if you keep this up.”

Reluctantly, Mysteria nodded in agreement. “I’ll have to apologize the team for my mood…” Jordan smiled and gave her shoulder a squeeze before accompanying her to the locker rooms.

Mysteria threw a tennis ball against her bedroom wall, laying upside down on her bed.

“Dinner is almost ready, Misty! Come on down and wash up!” Hibiki called from the kitchen.

Sighing, Mysteria got out of her bed and stretched, taking deep breaths before she heard a familiar voice that made her stop.

“Hello Uncle Hibiki. Is Mysteria home?” The voice said. Mysteria frowned as she slowly made her way down.

“Oh, hello Airyan! She came home early from baseball practice, said something about getting distracted and couldn’t concentrate.” Hibiki explained, setting up the table. “Why don’t you join us for dinner?”

Mysteria got to the foot of the stairs, leaning on the wooden rail. “Yeah, join us.” She said in her British accent, before turning to normal. “What are you doing here, Airpunk?” She asked coldly.

Airyan got startled, quickly spinning around to look at her. He was wearing his usual shirt and pants, with sunglasses resting at the top of his head.

“I’m… I’m here to apologize.” He said hesitantly. Mysteria raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t acting like myself, and you were just trying to help me forget about Angel and-” Mysteria groaned and rolled her eyes, interrupting his ramble.

“Idiot, you really need to stop this melodrama.”

“Wait, wha- OW!” Airyan yelped, rubbing his shoulder where the female had punched him. “Forgive and forget yeah?” She asked, watching him expectantly.

“Y-Yeah, I deserved that, and that slap…” He said sheepishly.

“Misty!! You know it’s rude to hit people!” Hibiki called out from the kitchen, pouting.

“I know, I know!” Mysteria sighed, turning to Airyan again.

“Forgive and forget?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Good, ’cause you owe me now. But we can talk about that later. First we need to eat dinner. I’m dead hungry and it smells like the old man made something like really good.”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

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A lot of times, I read about getting stuck during writing, or writer’s block. To be honest, this is something I rarely experience, because once I start writing a story or a script, I am pretty well prepared to rush through the act of writing. There are some things I usually do, which make the writing the most fun part of a project. Like playing around with your characters and immersing in the world you are creating. In this blog post, I will share with you some of the things I do that (as a nice side effect) prevent that writer’s block could happen in the first place. Maybe some of these could be helpful for you too. :)

  1. Do your homework first

There is a great discussion about whether you should line out your plot before you start writing. I have heard…

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Morning Prompt

Prompt: What do you need to have the best start to your day? Eight hours of sleep? Two cups of coffee? Skipping morning altogether? Music? All news radio? What happens when your favorite morning routine goes wrong?

Kimchi needs some good night’s rest, some nice music (the calmer, the better), and some tea with eggs, maybe pancakes depending on his mood. His mornings don’t really turn out to be like that. He doesn’t always get 8 hours of sleep, or we don’t get breakfast sometimes because we’re running late, or we don’t have eggs (or pancake mix) and some times, there’s no music to our mornings. Either way, he appreciates whenever he does have his ideal morning, or even have eggs for breakfast <3