Sunny-side Up-side Down Story

So for those of you who don’t know, I have Culinary Arts as a class. Pretty fun and stuff, especially if you plan on going into the food industry.

We had a test today over eggs and breakfast food. The way they test is by dividing it into two parts: a written test and a cooking test.

I was told for the cooking part to make a Sunny-side Up and to present it to my teacher. Easy enough, right?

Well, I make my egg and everything (it was a bit sloppier than the rest of the others who have to make that too, since I was sick the day they got to practice egg making), and I made sure that it would be able to slide off of the pan with the butter.

As I was about to slide the egg from the pan to the plate, it suddenly flipped upside down!! I freaked out, and my classmates were like “Oooooh you better fix that before the teacher gets hereeee.”

That’s when a friend of mine helped me by flipping over the egg upright using another plate. Luckily for me, the yolk didn’t pop and it looked like nothing bad happened.

It was actually kinda funny, almost like a cartoon. Maybe some day I’ll draw it out as a comic 😝