Gonna be posting pictures more often because I got a cool camera, woooooo.

So let me give some context. We have a cat named Puma (I usually call him “Cat” because technically he has too many names). This cat is a total butt. Like, I will fight this cat if he were human. He is a butt, a jerk, an idiot, and a bunch of other things. He’s also fat, so that’s great, because he likes to eat a lot. He’s literally a dog with a cat’s body. Can you believe that he actually knocks over our trash can everyday?!

Anyways, despite all that and me basically being at war with him all the time, I guess he’s cute. In a gross, dumb way. I do like his eyes though. Which is why I’ve tried to capture that so called cuteness my family says he has, but here’s the results.

The cat stays still for a good while, but then he moved right as I took the picture.

Literally, he turned his head to look out the window when I took this picture. I guess it’s a nice picture though.

This one he stared at the camera, then looked down as if he took interest in my shirt. You can barely see his face but eh.

In all honesty, I like the cat. I can tolerate him, and he helps keep my feet warm when it’s cold and he’s on the couch with me. He’s a fart, but what can you do?