228/365: I like this journal (Kimchi’s journal entry)

I got this journal as a gift from my Sis. She asked me to write in this and just… Record what I do most of the time. I like this field notes journal, Sis knows me really well! Water resistant and good for the environment.. Definitely a nice journal.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Aiden Sora Banda… Lee. My friends and family call me Kimchi though. I really love Kimchi, and I’d eat a lot of it when I can, which is how I earned my nickname. I am, at the moment, twelve years old. I have a sister, an adoptive uncle and an adoptive mother.

Since I’m talking about myself here, I want to point something out. I’m albino, so I have white hair. I wasn’t born like that, but… It’s a long story, and I don’t want to talk about that now. One thing’s for sure: I don’t like my now white hair. I’ll never get used to it. With the help of Sis I dye it light blue. At least my eyes aren’t weird… They’re just deep blue.

I don’t know whay else to talk about… Nothing much is happening here. Sis and I have been laying around like potatoes all day… Maybe just Sis now though.

Today I met up with Kimo for lunch at the Sonic near my sister’s school. I forgot the streets.. but yeah, near her school. He wanted to talk to me about some plans for school. We both go to Memoria Academy, a private school for us “special” kids. Basically super smart kids, kids who have to be protected by police forces, or both.

In our school, we (as in Kimo and me) have a plan on how we are going to steal an extra uniform for me. Why? Because… I have an obssession with really nice uniforms. Like, full blown military uniforms that are crip and clean and just.. Gosh. The precision and craftsmanship of uniforms just makes me really… I really appreciate the little details of uniforms, especially if they make you look good.

Memoria Academy is like a military-based school, so they always have really nice uniforms for their students. Kimo and me figure out where they hide the boxed uniforms and we plan out how to get them, while paying back, of course. We didn’t get very far as to planning out how to do that yet, but we got some possibilities on where they could store the uniforms. We marked them down on the school map that we have, and we called it a day. We couldn’t reallu do much until we got in the school on the first day, so at least we did some progress.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal day. I got to eat some tater tots and some other food, then a light blue slushie. I really wished there was a cafĂ© nearby. It would be really cool, but I guess we’d have to wait or something…

Pretty normal day though.