Unwelcomed Guest

A petite girl sat on the enormous, plush maroon couch, coloring in her giant coloring book about animals and cartoon characters. It was a Saturday morning, and Mysteria was waiting for her dad to finish making breakfast to go to the store. She began to hear the sizzling of eggs and vegetables when there was a knock on the door.


Placing her coloring book to the side, she wiggled out off of the couch. “I got the door, Daddy!” She called out as she made her way to it, opening the door to see a rather tall, slim woman with long, raven black hair. She wore a red, casual dress and she had painted her face with makeup that complimented her facial features and complexion. She looked beautiful, but something about her didn’t seem right to Mysteria.


“Hello.” The woman greeted. Mysteria blinked, noticing that the lady had a basket of baked goods. I bet those aren’t as good as Dad’s. She thought before staring back up at the lady.


“Hi. What are you doing in my house? I don’t know you.” Mysteria replied to her greeting.


The woman gave her a small, tight smile. She examined the little girl before her, seeing that she was wearing a frilly pink dress, with a pink bow in her hair to match her outfit. The only thing out of place were her shoes. Mysteria’s shoes were old, worn out Converse that was an eyesore to the general public, but not to the owner.


“Is there a man named Hibiki here, little girl?” The woman asked, attempting to peek inside. Mysteria tilted her head in confusion.


“You mean my dad? He’s busy right now… Are you his friend, lady?” Mysteria questioned, beginning to get territorial.


The woman raised her eyebrows with the information given to her. “Your… Dad?” She asked through gritted teeth.


Mysteria crossed her arms. “Yeah, he’s my dad, lady. What do you want?!”


The woman dismissed the fact that the man she was interested in had an unexpected daughter, and instead offered the basket to the small girl. “Can you give this to your father, dear? Tell him it’s from his friend, Jane.”


Mysteria struggled a bit to carry the basket, but took it in both hands as she looked up at the lady. “Okay, lady. Can you go now?” She asked, already wanting to get into the safety of her home.


Jane gave Mysteria a cold smile. “The name’s Jane. Oh, and by the way, proper girls don’t wear… those type of shoes.”


Mysteria looked down at her feet to look at her Converse, and began to get angry. “I don’t care what you think, lady. I love my shoes! I’ll wear them because I want to wear them!!” She exclaimed, quickly getting inside and closing the door on the woman before she got a chance to say anything.


Hibiki poked his head out of the kitchen as Mysteria set the basket on the dinning table. “Who was it, Misty?” Hibiki asked, noticing the basket.


The small girl huffed, defiantly taking a bread and took a bite out of it. “A lady.”


Hibiki continued to cook, listening to Mysteria. “A lady? Was it a woman named Jane?”


The seven year old almost choked on the bread, but coughed out a shaky “Yeah”.


“Why didn’t you let her in? She could’ve joined us for breakfast!” He said with a pout.


“She just came to give us the basket. I think she was busy or something.” Mysteria lied, stuffing her face with the rest of the bread that she was eating.


“Misty!! Don’t ruin your appetite!” Hibiki exclaimed worriedly. “Why are you eating the bread so suddenly??”


Mysteria gulped down the food, turning to look at Hibiki with the utmost serious face, crumbs all over her mouth.


“I’m trying to see if they’re poisoned!” She called out truthfully. Hibiki broke out into laughter.


“Jane wouldn’t think of poisoning us! She’s a nice person!”


Mysteria clenched her jaw at the thought of the enemy. Nice? Yeah, right.