Surprise Visit


Because I can’t write how cool Asher looks when he skates T-T



Mysteria quietly entered the ice skating rink, taking a seat nearby. The girl decided to visit the rink where her new boyfriend practiced ice skating, as told by her cousin Airyan. And he was right. Asher was in the middle of the rink, a hand on his chin as he pondered over something. He was dressed in black sweatpants and a white V-neck, looking somewhat professional and laid back. Mysteria watched curiously, not able to help but wonder what he was thinking about.

A minute passed when Asher suddenly threw his hands down to his sides, pushing himself with his right foot against the ice, slowly raising his arms up . As he slid across the ice, he spun around and pushed himself harder to gain more speed. He pushed himself once more, before pushing himself off the ground and spun in mid air, before landing hard on the ice, almost falling over. He picked himself up to pace again while regaining his balance. He stopped pushing himself through the ice to let the speed slowly die down as he did some large and graceful arm movements, but after a while he frowned and grunted, suddenly deciding to spin around a few times in place as he thought over something again. He skated a bit faster, widening his stance and how wide his legs are, crouching slightly as he pushed himself. He stood back up again and picked up the pace, before leaping and twirling in the air once more, landing on his left foot without faltering. He continued to do this several times to get the hang of it, it seemed, before moving on to the next move.

Mysteria continued to watch, impressed by the way he moved on ice, even with the mistakes that he was making. She smiled to herself as she thought about how lucky she was to be with such a talented guy. The sudden scraping of ice interrupted her thoughts and made her realize that she was staring at empty space, looking at the rink once more to find Asher laying on the floor, slowly sliding into the wall of the rink. Mysteria covered her mouth and stiffled a laugh, not wanting him to find out she was there yet.

Asher irratatingly grabbed onto the wall, shivering slightly as he frowned. “I have to get this right..” Mysteria heard him scold to himself as he slid himself backwards on the ice, back to the center. He began to skate around the rink, facing the inside of it as he tried to figure out movements.

Watching in awe, Mysteria admired Asher from afar, a bit too much to even notice that he finally saw her in the audience when he skated around the rink, looking outward this time.

“Mysteria?? What are you doing here?!” Asher called out in shock, his face beginning to get slightly pale as he quickly stopped.

“I wanted to see my boyfriend in his natural habitat… Is that wrong?” The girl responded innocently, walking over to the rink entrance as Asher skated to her.

“No, of course not. I just wished you could’ve told me beforehand so I could show you a great performance.” He sighed, rubbing his neck before hugging Mysteria and held her at arms length, giving her a mildly concerned look, his eyebrows coming together as he smiled nervously at her. “But uh… How long have you been sitting there?”

Mysteria shrugged, taking his hand in both of hers to warm them up. “I don’t know. Longer than you’d like, it seems.” She replied, giving her full attention to warming up his hand. Asher smiled down at her. “It’s not that. I just wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

Mysteria smiled back and hugged him. “Do you want to get pizza?”

“Wow, great way to keep up with our diets. It’s not like we’re athletes or anything.”

“Oh shut up.” Mysteria laughed, lightly punching his arm. “Do you want to or not?”

“Of course. But um… He’s not going to be there, is he?”

“Elijah? Who knows. He always figures out where I am somehow.”

“Oh. Well, I guess let’s just go then.” Asher sat down at the bench and took off his skates.

Mysteria watched him, getting a bit shy. It’s only been two days since they started going out, and knowing that was making her more aware and slightly nervous. “H-Hey, Asher?”


“You looked great on the ice.” She said sincerely and quietly. Asher looked up at her and gave her a grin. “Thanks Misty.”

Mysteria blushed slightly, wanting to say more. “R-Really, Asher. You looked amazing… I-It kinda… Um…” Mysteria began to stutter, rubbing her elbow as she looked at the ground.

Asher raised an eyebrow and took off his other skate, standing up. “Yeeeees? You can say it Mysteria, I AM your boyfriend after all.”

Stubbornly, Mysteria huffed, crossing her arms and turned her back to him. “It makes me feel really lucky to be your girlfriend, okay?? And don’t start thinking that I will start saying stuff like that a lot more, because I won’t!” She exclaimed.

Asher smiled brightly. “Aw, I feel the same way!” He hugged Mysteria tightly from behind, lifting her off of her feet. “I get to date a cool baseball player who could make a home run any day!”

Mysteria squeaked and laughed hysterically, attempting to gets his arms to release her, but he was too strong. “Let go of me, you dork!”

“Alright, fine, but only because you’re a princeeeess!” He sang, quickly letting go of Mysteria and ran to the front lobby.

“Hey!” Mysteria shouted, running after him. “Get back here, Twinkle Toes!!”


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