An “Inside Joke Thing” Thing



Yeah, thanks for telling me that, boss. It’s not like I actually use any type of media or whatever because I’m too busy fighting crime. Even if I did had a social media thing I would do much on it. I’m DEFINITELY not the responsible type. Tooooootally.


October 17 Football game: Katy Vs. Morton Ranch

Purple peeps- My school
Red peeps- Katy (aka my mom’s school)


The opposite team’s side has WAAAAAAAAY more people, some even have to sit on the grass ’cause its super full!


This is my school. It has a decent amount of people but with all different color for the most part. And Katy kids have A LOT MORE SCHOOL SPIRIT.

I’m super jealous right now =~=

Mickey Mouse as a Man?

Moments in Time

Japanese illustrator Chaico’s Ghibli has created some portraits of Disney animals imagined as people and they are stunning. These are magically true to the nature of what we associate with our beloved cartoon characters yet made manifest in human form. This drastic transformation somehow manages to maintain the charm of these unique creations that so many of us have grown up with and hold very dear. Sweet and fantastically well done, see for yourself some of what this talented artist has imagined:

b  a                       d   c





m  l

I think Lady is my favourite!

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