The Arrival (Need to think of a better title)

Song to (maybe) accompany this story(particularly in the bit where the main characters are searching for a home)

Used part of a prompt:
When was the first time you left your hometown (or got in a new home)?

Kimchi carefully plugged in the webcam to the monitor of his computer, a bit cautious since he isn’t very handy with technology yet. He started up the video recording program, like one of the cadets had showed him. Biting his bottom lip, he began the recording accidentally and startled himself. The red button on the camera turned on, and a second later, he saw himself on the screen, the square where the lens captured the movements showed the time on the bottom right corner. Kimchi began to panic a bit.

“H-Hey, is this supposed to happen?” He asked to no one in particular. One of the young cadets went over to check it out.

“Yeah, you got it Aiden. Just press this button here when you want to end the video. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and stuff.”

“But… what do I talk about after that?”

“I don’t know, maybe about how you ended up here..?”

“Oh, okay. Thanks.”

With that, the cadet nodded, patted his shoulder and continued to help set up Kimchi’s barrack, leaving him in privacy.

Kimchi stared at the camera for a few seconds, before immediately seeing his hair on the screen, starting to get self-concious about his hair, running his hand through it, using the camera as his mirror.

“Gosh, I’m never going to get used to white hair..” He muttered, before sighing and stopped messing with his hair. He stared at the camera again, huffing his hair away from his eyes.

“Well, then.. Uh..” He began, nervously running his hand through his hair slowly once more. “My name is Aiden Sora Banda…. Lee.” He said uncertainly. “Though, everyone who knows me calls me Kimchi. I am… a trainee in Lex Legis, and I am brand new to the mafia. Today is..”

Kimchi trailed off and looked at the calendar before continuing. “February 28th, and as of right now I am 12 years old. I don’t know when my birthday is, but my pretend birthday is October 31st, Halloween to be precise..” Kimchi paused, rubbing his eyes as he thought of what else to talk about.

“My sister is Luna Gladys Banda Lee. She just turned 18, or so we think. Her pretend birthday is on February 16th, and she is my legal guardian as far as I know. Or.. um..”

Kimchi hesitated a bit, biting his bottom lip again as he scratched the back of his head. “Actually, let me just get to what had happened lately. Ever since the day we met that woman…”

We’ve just escaped from Nihility. For the next couple of days, everything was going smoothly. That is, until a storm rolled in to the area that we were traveling through.

Luna huffed her brown hair away from her face, trying to get a piece of wood free and out of the mud. Kimchi watched her struggle in the mud, then approached her, getting a random stick and used it to pop the wood out.

With a grunt and a yell, Luna fell backwards, hugging the piece of wood. “Do you think this’ll work for the fire?” Luna asked the newly-albino boy. He examined the wood and let out a small sigh.

“Maybe not…”

Luna pouted and, with Kimchi’s help, got back to her feet.

“You know, baby brother, I had a dream last night.” Kimchi’s attention quickly turned to her, his face giving the smallest hint of interest.


“Well, it was a nice dream. We were bathed and taken cared for…” Luna paused, bending over to pick up a twig. Kimchi patiently waited for her to continue.

“We ate really good food, like desserts and soup… and kimchi!” Luna laughed, making Kimchi smile.

“What else was there?”

“We had many friends, and everyone from the factory was there too. And…” Luna carefully thought over what she was going to say, leading her brother through the debris from the previous night’s storm.

Slushing through murky water and mud, Luna sighed and gazed up at the dim sunlight covered by clouds. It was humid and hot, the worst weather condition to be in when searching for a place to spend the night.

“We had nice, soft beds with crisp and white bed sheets… The nicest pillows… It was so comfy and warm, I really thought it was real…” Luna finished, stopping in her tracks. Kimchi looked at her silently as she looked down at her clothes, which were beginning to get worn.

“Kimchi, what would you want if you can have anything in the world?” She asked slowly, turning to look at Kimchi.

He blinked, the question catching him off guard. He thought about it for a second, before saying, “I’m fine like this, as long as I can be with my big sister.”

Luna blushed slightly and smiled at him, ruffling his hair. “You dummy, I want to know what you want, I don’t want a noble answer!” She joked.

Kimchi thought for a moment.

“Some kimchi would be nice…” He finally replied after a moment of silence. Luna laughed again, hugging him tightly.

“Hopefully we’ll find some soon!”

Things were okay before, considering the circumstances. But that day we were beginning to get desperate…

After a long time of looking for dry wood with little success, Luna and Kimchi made their way to a clearing, approaching to a giant wall and a large pile of fresh garbage on the side.

Luna sniffed the air, her eyes getting wide.

“I smell something… Do you smell it Kimchi??” Luna asked. Before he could respond, Luna ran over to the garbage in hopes of finding food.

Kimchi followed close behind, noticing a pile of rubble around the garbage. A strange feeling crept up Kimchi’s skin, feeling like goosebumps. He turned his attention back to Luna, trying to get his mind elsewhere.

“Hey Sis? I don’t think we should stay here for long…” He tried to say, but trailed off as Luna stopped suddenly.

“Did you hear that?” She whispered. They both stood still, carefully looking around the area. Luna gasped a second later, staring at something behind them, near the wall.

Kimchi turned to what she was looking at, and his face turned pale.

We had been desperate to find a refuge, but nothing had prepared us for this. That day, we were found by her

Among the rubble was a woman in a wheelchair, noticing them. She wore an elegant and fancy overcoat in the most brilliant color, navy blue, which seemed out of place in the rubble of gray, brown, and white.

Immediately, Luna and Kimchi took a step back, watching the woman with fear. The woman had calmly acknowledged them, examining them with interest.

The young boy was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt, though it was more of a light gray-ish brown than white. The sleeves were grimy and torn, showing that Kimchi must’ve his hands in his sleeves most of the time. He wore some worn down gray shorts that covered his knees. Or at least, used to.

There was a large hole for each area of cloth that had once covered his knees. His skin was streaked with mud and dust, along with his white hair. Luna, on the other hand, wore a short sleeved white shirt that was tucked in her pants, though some of the shirt was starting to get untucked. They were all streaked with dirt or black. Her faintly tanned face was in the same condition, along with her arms. She wore a similar pants as Kimchi, except for the length. Both kids were barefoot, their shoes worn out a long time ago, and were beyond repair.

Kimchi stared back at the woman with suspicion.

I remember thinking… ‘She was so nicely dressed… What was she doing here?’ Then the strangest thing happened..

After a long intense moment of examining and staring in silence, the peculiar woman motioned them over. The two orphans were completely astonished by her sudden action. Luna questioningly looked at Kimchi, silently asked what to do. Kimchi looked back and thought for a moment.

He then looked back at the woman, who was now turning herself in the direction of the way she came from.

One thing they knew for sure, was that they were both curious to the story of how that woman got in the wheelchair. Kimchi felt the need to run away, to escape before it was too late, but something held him back. As he stared at the woman’s back, he couldn’t help but think:

That woman was a leader. I didn’t know it back then, or I just didn’t know how to explain it then, but she really did look like a leader. She had my trust for that moment. I wanna say, that was the best choice we could’ve made.

Kimchi slowly stood up, getting Luna’s hand. Luna looked up at him in surprise, and he responded with a small nod.

Shakily, Luna got up with his help, and they both followed the enigmatic woman to a place unknown.


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