Skittles Amigurumi – Free Pattern


Skittles Free Pattern Pre by Karissa Cole

Give me extreme boredom, a bag of Skittles, and a few skeins of yarn and this is apparently what I come up with. Enjoy!

Skittles Crochet Pattern by Karissa Cole

Do not sell this pattern. If you wish to distribute this pattern [free of charge] either in print or on other web sites please provide a link to this original post.

This pattern is for the full size Skittle (shown in image: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green). The mini Skittle (Purple) is made with the same pattern except:

Head: Keep stitches at 24; use 6mm safety eyes
Body: Keep stitches at 12 (increase to 15 if you feel it’s necessary)
Feet: 3 hdc in second chain

Difficulty level: ** – Two stars – good for a beginner with just a bit of experience in making amigurumi.
Finished size: Approximately 2.25 inches from top to tush. But YMMV.

Suggested Materials:

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