It’s been a while!! D: I did not expect this type of problem to happen! So, I was trying to keep up with this, and for some weird reason, my computer deleted this website from my saved stuff DX So I couldn’t get it back because I didn’t remember… >->
Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways! Not much has happened, I’ve sorta paused the 365 Project because I can’t find my camera charger anywhere, and I kinda need that for taking pictures XD
So, right now I am currently making red crocheted heart plushies… My mother asked me for three of those and I have still yet to make them @-@ oops~!
I can make them fast and all, it’s pretty easy, I’m just very busy right now with some other stuff like fangirling XD
The most that’s happened is me fangirling, really. Fangirling and being a panda hero XD Because Panda heroes are awesome and so are baseball bats :D
Before I go, some Legend of Zelda music for you! Because, why not?